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Kate Mueth

Kate Mueth and her Neo-Political Cowgirls examine this ancient tale in classic NPC style. They myth bust in wildly imaginative fashion to ponder what the story may have been from Andromeda's perspective. Rich in magic, steeped in music, and playful with added puppetry, ANDROMEDA is beginning her journey under the night sky, outdoors on the East End of Long Island, home to this unique company. From there a NYC- and- beyond journey will be launched and ANDROMEDA will head for the stars- whether indoors or out. www.npcowgirls.org


Kate Mueth and The Neo-Political Cowgirls is a women's dance theatre company founded and directed by actress/ choreographer/ director Kate Mueth.  The company is committed to creating stage work for, by and about women in order to bring the female voice more fully into the fabric of today's society. Through creative and powerful staging, new interpretation of ancient stories, and mythical and timely/timeless music, Kate brings the human struggle forward in a way that is powerfully transformational for the audience while maintaining a palpable sense of humor.

NPC offers workshops through the year for women and girls, leading them through journaling, improv and movement to creating personal performances about subjects that are important to them.

--Wild Dance Theater For Humanity--