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A LIFE'S WORK is a documentary about people engaged with projects they may not complete in their lifetimes. The 90-minute version of the film is complete. Now a 60-minute version must be edited.


What’s it like to dedicate your life to a project that won’t be completed in your lifetime? 
With A Life's Work I attempt to answer that question. The film is a feature-length documentary about four such projects and the people behind them, projects that could have a profound global impact. The film is complete and had its world premiere in April 2019. But now a 60-minute version must be edited -- and that's why I continue to ask for your support. All amounts welcome and greatly appreciated. 
A Life's Work's subjects address what inspired them to begin, what obstacles they face, what drives and sustains them, how they measure success, how they feel knowing they will not see their projects completed--while the visuals explore their work, lives, and environment. The film is not a series of biographies but an examination of the nature of service to a cause greater than oneself: a meditation on passion, dedication, continuity, mortality and legacy. The subjects are Paolo Soleri, the recently deceased architect of Arcosanti, a complex based on his theories of urban planning that has been under construction since 1970 and his successor, Jeff Stein, AIA; the Milarchs, father and son tree farmers who clone old-growth trees for long-term reforestation projects; Jill Tarter, astronomer and Director of the SETI Institute, who has been involved in the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence since the 1970s; and gospel music archivist Robert Darden, founder of the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project, an organization that is trying to identify, preserve, digitize and catalog all of the most at-risk recordings from the black gospel music tradition. In a world dominated by instant gratification, sound bites and quick fixes, this film focuses on their opposites, examining the importance, value, rewards and travails of taking the long view, and the mindset of those who do. 
Here's a three-minute trailer.
Visit the A Life's Work blog for updates on the film's progress and ruminations on art and life.

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