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This project facilitates Trevor and Ryan Oakes’ ongoing investigation into human vision and its relationship to visual Art.


The NYFA Fiscally Sponsored project *Vision Machine Research* furthers Trevor and Ryan Oakes' ongoing investigation into human vision and it's relationship to visual art. The Oakes' Vision series uses spherically curved surfaces to explore perception of space, how space travels via the eyes to the mind's eye, and how an artist might translate and record that notion.

This project makes possible continued artistic research by The Oakes using their Vision Machine, an invention that re-envisions some of the norms that have held sway in Western pictorialism for hundreds of years. 

Currently the projects fundraising goals are aimed towards building a new and improved easel.  Collapsible, transportable, 240º view.

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Previously funded *Vision Machine Research* public sculpture:
Have No Narrow Perspectives, public sculpture, Millennium Park, Chicago, 2009
Have No Narrow Perspectives is now on permanent display at O'Hare International Airport
(Process photos and a map to the sculpture in O'hare can be viewed in our project gallery)

The ongoing goal of *Vision Machine Research* is to foster the creation of new artworks by the Oakes' using their Vision Machine, as well as sponsor forums, publications, and public awareness opportunities on the subject.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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