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Entropy is an interactive multimedia installation with live performers that is inspired by the widespread disenchantment caused by the growing inequalities within societies, globally. Being a former choreographer, my artistic language always involves movements in some way. Probably this is one of the reasons that "Entropy" focuses on physical labor. Among all of the elements of the shrinking middle class, the presence and the work of physical labor is the most espectacular from the point of view of a choreographic composition.


Being a complex project, I needed to brake it down into 3 stages. 

1st stage: a three-channel video installation. This stage is completed and the installation was presented this fall at Harvestworks' Gallery in Governors Island.

2nd stage: three-channel interactive video installation.  I need support to realize this part, which requires funds to cover the additional expenses of equipment and an interaction designer. At the end of this stage I will present three-channel interactive video installation, where the video content -including speed -  would change depending on the visitors' actions and movements.

3rd stage:  three-channel interactive video installation with a performance. This requires additional funds to cover expenses related to performers, rehearsals and the production of the show itself.

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