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Crossing the Line

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Crossing the Line
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A modern day adaptation of Romeo and Juliette that take place in high school on the field and track team - a Muslim athlete Khadija falls for Terrance, a Catholic football star.


Khadija, a Muslim-American a high school track runner, has set her heart and mind on winning a scholarship. Having failed to run fast enough to save her younger brother from a tragic bus accident, Khadija now seeks to redeem herself through running. When Khadija falls in love with Terrence, an All-American high-school football player, both families oppose the relationship, and Khadija’s father, Rafik, encourages Omar, an Egyptian boy, to become engaged to his daughter. When tensions between the two boys and their cultures mount, a violent incident divides Khadija and Terrence. Terrence, however, persists and helps Khadija realize her true talent as a sprinter. On the day before the high school athletics championship meet, Khadija receives a threat that puts not only her life, but also the lives of everyone in the stadium at risk. Khadija must decide between giving up her long-awaited opportunity to race for a scholarship and risking the lives of innocent spectators and friends.

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