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Cycle of Life

Cycle of Life
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I will create sixteen paintings that explore the rhythm of nature as an allegory for the cycle of life.


A special thanks to our donors, in addition to those listed above, who have supported the continuation of Cycle of Life

Kou Chueh Lin & Hui $2,300.00

Paola Dematte $200.00

Paul and Deborah Kue $75.00

Kou Chueh Lin & Hui $5,000.00

Kwei Kuang Hsu $200.00

Yvonne Chang Boeing Matching Gift $100.00

My project is to create a series of sixteen large-scale paintings that explore the rhythm of nature as an allegory for the cycle of life.  I am fascinated by the universal values and principles of life that persist in every society.  Over the last fifteen years, I have created work inspired by themes that connect people across place and time.  In this project I will examine the four seasons as the main stages of human life.  Each ‘season’ will be composed of four paintings, which combined will form a single sixteen-piece work of art.  This idea is inspired by John Keats’ sonnet “The Human Seasons.”


The goal of my project is to create a series of sixteen paintings on the universal theme of life and death.  I will explore the four seasons as an analogy of human life.  Each ‘season’ will be composed of four paintings that combined form a unified work of art. 

In my art, I blend Western and Asian modes of representation to create distinctly unique works.  Through my personal perspective and reflection, and by using innovative ink painting techniques, I will express my vision on each stage in the Cycle of Life.  Broadly outlined, I envision the series as:

Birth and Renewal (Spring):

I see spring as human beings coming to this earth with unknowing destinies, similar to an early morning. I envision a fogged landscape at sunrise to represent physical and mental birth.  Sunrise represents the hope that we carry within-hope for a bright future.

Exploration and Growth (Summer): 

This stage of life is a playful period of exploration and growth.  Youth is attracted to different directions and wants to experience life in many ways.  We want to learn who we are, where we want to be, and what we want to pursue. 

Maturity (Autumn):

Autumn is the golden stage of life. We are mature and, hopefully, experience fulfillment in our lives.  This is the time of accomplishment, but it may also be turbulent as the last cycle is approaching.  Beautiful golden autumn leaves gently float to the ground or are powerfully blown off a tree; a universal dichotomy. 

Solitude and Death (Winter):

We come to this earth alone and depart from this earth alone.  This is time for reflection; to look back and contemplate afterlife.  I will use elements of my painting “Li Bai’s Moon” (2009) because of it’s particular atmosphere of solitude.

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