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WORKS is a dramatic television series in development committed to social change and awareness of America’s “Invisible Class”.


A poignant and realistic human drama about the casualties of the America’s War on Drugs, Life After Prison, Addiction, Family, Recovery and Redemption, WORKS is a contemporary, fictional story, set in present day New York City and is based on the life stories of real people. Ours is a process that is committed to the development of projects built upon diligence in research, journalistic integrity and artistic excellence.  Beyond the opportunity to create quality dramatic television, it is the goal of “WORKS” and its creators to challenge the public’s perception of drug policy in the United States, and to provide its audience with a comprehensive understanding of America’s “War on Drugs.”  It is not the intent of this project to advocate or condemn, but to artfully and honestly contribute to the enrichment of public discourse.

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