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Our Anatomy Project

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Our Anatomy Project
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Our Anatomy Project empowers the collective reimagining of gender, sexual expression and relational power as we learn together through the stories of our bodies. We engage art and storytelling as educational praxis that brings the anatomy of arousal and pleasure to life. Our co-director and artist is Jote Lamar.


We are curating a collection of fine art anatomical studies portrayed in connection with the personal stories from which they came. Through action research, we learn together as gender nonconforming people, transwomen, transmen and cisgendered women and men, diverse in race and ability, to create emancipatory values, words, and educational imagery. Each researcher-participant shares the story of their body personalizing and transforming how we learn and teach the anatomy of sexuality.

Our Anatomy Project aims to nurture an ongoing conversation between conceptual anatomical maps and the mystery of real bodies within the cultural and ecological systems that we inhabit.

We understand the role of the artist, throughout time, as a visionary for a better world. Art births the future. Our Anatomy Project purposely blends the visual arts, action research for transformations (ART), storytelling and educational tools toward an educational paradigm that is democratic, participatory and creative. We are infusing art into educational culture as an essential way of transmitting knowledge that is emergent, expressive and evolutionary.

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