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Empowering portraits that reveal the courage, beauty and grace of women who have had mastectomy surgery as a result Breast Cancer.


Grace - Charise Isis
"Grace" is photo-based project revealing the courage, beauty and 'grace' with which women who have survived breast cancer embody. “Grace” will combine a series of powerful photographic images of women from throughout the United Sates, of all ages, ethnicities, body type, type or lack of reconstruction and walks of life, who have undergone Mastectomy surgery as a result of breast cancer.  

The "Grace" project is an ongoing series of artist talks, slideshow presentations, and exhibitions presented at both traditional venues such as galleries and museums and colleges and alternative venues such as Breast Cancer charity events, cancer support communitys, womens health advocacy centers and on line.  In addition to the exhibition component, a publication will be created to be available to the public but also distributed throughout Oncology departments at hospitals, Plastic surgeons offices, women’s health advocacy groups and cancer support centers.

 “Grace” is an empowering tool for women with breast cancer, their partners and families. The project brings the general public face to face with the beauty and grace of the women who have faced breast cancer and through the braveness which they display before the camera, increases awareness for breast health and acceptance of the post-Mastectomy body.

In additon to ongoing exhibitions and artist talks throughout the country, Isis aims to photograph 800 women with mastectomy surgery. The exhibiton photographs are printed onto large format peices of silk.  She plans to exhibit all 800 peices in several auditoriums throughout the country.  800 representing the approximate number of women diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States in one day.


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