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Institute for Cultural Activism International Website

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Institute for Cultural Activism International Website
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Social transformation through art is one of society’s most powerful instruments for change. From pandemics to politics, the many ongoing crises currently afflicting our planet have created a complex climate of global unrest.

Through the power of art, INSTITUTE FOR CULTURAL ACTIVISM INTERNATIONAL (ICAI) is designed to coordinate and channel cultural activism and speak to the heart of the world -- to help promote necessary change, creativity and sustainability.

The full scale ICAI website –in development - will serve as an active forum and virtual convening space for an international collective of cultural activists and the public. ICAI wishes to inspire and accelerate cultural activism that will positively affect human rights, the environment, education, health, poverty, and other critical issues that continue to cause deep concern around the world.


The ICAI website will establish a contact point and creative portal to nourish collaboration and create dialogue for experiment and action.  

Our inaugural series “Cultural Activism Sheisiùin”* invites the public to gather in intimate, live conversations with established and emerging cultural activists worldwide. “CAS” recordings will remain archived and available on the site for future reference.

As the site grows, an index of cultural activists/m will also grow – international listing of individuals and organizations participating in or contributing to activities that highlight and address global issues through strategic and creative intervention. In addition, we will develop a database of cultural activist history, impact, resources and training courses, as a reference for everyone. 

ICAI is generating a curriculum that will include activism projects, project training methods (ie: problem analysis and deconstruction), contemplative and meditation courses, and community activist network building. We will offer weekly courses, intensive workshops, special retreats (online and in person), and publications (to be available in diverse media).

Dates and times posted on website beginning September, 2020.

For more information, summer schedule or to contribute to website content, we welcome you to contact the Institute of Cultural Activism International (ICAI) founders, John Halpern and Emily Harris: [email protected]

* “Cultural Activism Sheisiùin” is named after the Irish traditional music sessions, a gathering for the purpose of celebrating their common interest in the music by playing it together in a relaxed informal setting, while in the process generally [of] beefing up the mystical cultural mantra that hums along uninterruptedly beneath all manifestations of Irishness worldwide. Foy, Barry (2009). Field Guide to the Irish Music Session. Seattle, Wa: Frogchart Press. ISBN 978-0-9817590-1-2.



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