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Violette, Violette is a solo performance inspired by the life of French author Violette Leduc.


A solo performance inspired by the life and writings of Violette Leduc

Conceived and performed by Anne DeAcetis
Directed by Anton Ray

June 28-July 1 at 8pm
The Bushwick Starr
207 Starr Street Brooklyn, NY 11237

"Whoever speaks to us from the depths of his loneliness speaks to us of ourselves."              
                                    - Simone de Beauvoir, on Violette Leduc

In life, French author Violette Leduc was an expressive, eccentric and gifted contemporary of literary giants like Sartre, Camus and Genet. In death, she haunts American writer/performer Anne DeAcetis. Fascinated by Leduc's forgotten story, DeAcetis struggles to understand and explain Violette's violent passions...and her own.

From the Performer:

I first discovered Violette Leduc in 2001. That year, my theatre company, Division 13 Productions (, was producing a kind of live love letter to Jean Genet. Our performance ("The Genet Project") sprawled out across a vast, raw, empty warehouse at 12th Ave. and 57th St. in New York City. Audiences wandered from station to station, performance to performance, sometimes to find that actors for the next chapter of the evening were galloping toward them through the dust!

In addition to my performance duties, I had volunteered to do some dramaturgy for the show. And over and over, I kept coming across this name: Violette Leduc. It surprised me. Because all her contemporaries -- people like Camus, Genet, de Beauvoir, Sartre -- are recognized French literary greats, and yet I'd never heard of her before. Leduc never enjoyed their fame, but she ran alongside giants.

Independently, I started researching Leduc's life. I learned that she is sometimes called "France's greatest unknown writer" for her relative obscurity. And I started reading her works -- explosive, passionate memoirs and works of fiction that both shocked and amused me. Her sensuality, like Genet's, is unapologetic and more than occasionally pornographic. But her earnestness borders on absurdity. I came to understand how her celebrated friends could find her so gifted, so fascinating, and so insufferable at the same time.

Leduc never released her hold on my imagination. And in 2007, I staged a workshop production of VIOLETTE, VIOLETTE as part of California Institute of the Arts' annual New Works Festival. I knew, graduating with my acting MFA in 2009, that bringing this project to culmination would be an important part of my life's work as an artist. Exploring not only Leduc -- but why she matters so very much to me -- is a challenge I cannot and will not resist. And anyone who knows Leduc will understand.

Tickets for VIOLETTE, VIOLETTE are now on sale through

Run time: 45 minutes

To contact the artistic team, please email

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