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Ne(xt)works Music, Inc.

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Ne(xt)works Music, Inc.
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Ne(x)tworks is a collaborative ensemble of musicians creating and interpreting work with a dynamic relationship between composition and improvisation. In performance and recordings, the group locates pathways into various types of notation systems and interfaces, striving for a meaningful dialogue with the past, present, and future of creative music. Members of the ensemble are all composing performers.


Ne(x)tworks has an extensive repertoire of original music composed by the members of the ensemble as well as music from the 20th and 21st centuries that explore aspects of text-based, graphic and non-traditional scoring in addition to more conventionally-notated contemporary music. Ne(x)tworks has been referred to as "new-music all-stars". 

“Each [member of Ne(x)tworks] is a skilled performer, an inventive composer and a capable improviser.” (Time Out NY)

“Through considerable artistry, industry, stamina and determination, the Ne(x)tworks players fashioned a performance for the ages.” (New York Times)

“Ne(x)tworks’ performance of [John Cage's landmark] Songbooks… vividly captured the defiant humor, anarchistic leanings, and meandering philosophical inquiries that drove Cage’s work… it is hard to imagine a more authentic rendition.” (NPR)

Current and former members include:
Kenji Bunch, viola  
Shelley Burgon, harp 
Yves Dharamraj, cello 
Cornelius Dufallo, violin
Miguel Frasconi, glass, laptop, electronics 
Stephen Gosling, piano 
Rubin Kodheli, cello
Tim Kiah, bass  
Ariana Kim, violin 
Joan La Barbara, voice, sampler, laptop 
Christopher McIntyre, trombone 
Brian McWhorter, trumpet, electronics
Jesse Mills, violin

Guest Artists:
Gustavo Aguilar, percussion 
Anthony Coleman, piano & synth 
Peter Evans, trumpet  
Stephanie Griffin, viola 
Margaret Lancaster, flute
Sycil Mathai, trumpet
Peter Zummo, trombone 

Downloads and cds are available here:

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