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"LET IT BE ART!" is an on-going inspiring Educational Presentation created & performed by International Performing Artist, RONALD RAND. Reaching over 50,000 students in 23 countries and 20 states on 5 continents, for the past 20 years. It continues to build bridges of communication based upon our common traditions. By empowering and challenging young people to share their humanity with others, their confidence, compassion, and courage is awakened to make a positive difference in the world.


Ronald Rand’s LET IT BE ART! is the internationally-acclaimed inspiring 65-minute solo play, bringing to life the humor, passion, and courage of Harold Clurman, “elder statesman of the American Theater”

Performed in 23 countries, and 20 U.S. states at International Festivals, conferences, theaters, universities & acting schools. Selected to represent the USA in the World Theatre Olympics in 2018, Ronald Rand will represent the USA in the Colombo International Theatre Festival in June, 2019.

Wherever I have gone – whether to Kathmandu, Barrancabermeja, Minsk, Kolkata or Sarajevo – audiences of all ages have instantly fallen in love with Harold Clurman's deep humanity, his inspiring and passionate words for theatre and living life to its fullest. I remember in a tribal hut in Harare many in the audience even talked back to him during the performance creating a true connection between audience and actor in one breath.

When I was fortunate to study with Harold Clurman as a young lad right out of high school, and at the same time studying with Stella Adler and Jerzy Grotowski, he was as youthful as the day is long. 

He would get all red in the face like a fiery volcano and at the top of his voice exhort us: "…Go out and change the world! Go out and change the theatre! Because if you don’t like the ways things are, it’s up to you to change them!!!" And then he would soften and playfully add: “… and as my good friend Aristotle once said to me...”

Yes, there was no one on the earth quite like Harold Clurman. His playful humor would have us in gales of huge laughter one moment, and in the next, his words would make me ponder my entire existence. By the end of class I’d walk out floating on air.

I remember him saying:  “Embrace life! Strive to understand one another! Feel for everything! Go out and spread hope and love of life!"

This remains my gift to all audiences as I continue sharing LET IT BE ART!

LET IT BE ART! awakens students and audiences, making them aware of their identity and cultural roots. Challenging their preconceptions, making them aware of their responsibility as citizens of the world, LET IT BE ART! empowers people of all ages to become more compassionate human beings, to share their humanity in the most meaningful way. 

The experience of coming into contact with Harold Clurman's dynamic visionary ideals, galvinzes young people immediately to recognize how profound their contribution must be to awaken others to being more human. 


RONALD RAND is s hailed as a 'U.S. Cultural Ambassador,' he has also performed "LET IT BE ART!" in two critically-acclaimed runs Off-Broadway. An internationally-renowned stage, film and TV actor, he has appeared in over 250 film and television shows.

Chosen by the U.S. State Department as a Fulbright Teaching Specialist, Ronald Rand inspires students in nations all over the world with his 8 Life-Changing "Art of Transformation" Workshops.  

HAROLD CLURMAN is heralded as "the Elder Statesman of the American Theatre." He embodied the passion, the fervor, the inspiring voice of an entire generation. Co-founder with Lee Strasberg and Cheryl Crawford of the famed Group Theatre of the 1930's (considered by many the most significant ensemble art theatre in the history of the American theatre), it revolutionized not only the American Theatre, but American acting in every facet. Mr. Clurman was the award-winning director of over 40 of the most important plays of the 20th   century, including A Member of the Wedding with Julie Harris; Bus Stop with Kim Stanley; Clifford Odets' Awake and SingGolden Boy, Paradise Lost, and Rocket to the Moon; The Dance of the Toreadors with Ralph Richardson; Tiger at the Gates with Michael Redgrave; and Uncle Vanya with Joseph Wiseman. He also directed Marlon Brando (in his first adult role) in Truckline Café; Montserrat at Israel's Habimah Theatre; Long Day's Journey Into Night with Roy Scheider in Tokyo; and Japan's Kumo Theatre Company in The Iceman Cometh. He authored "The Fervent Years," "On Directing," "Ibsen," "Lies Like Truth," and his autobiography, "All People Are Famous." Considered America's pre-eminent theatre critic, Harold Clurman was the drama critic for "The Nation" and "The New Republic". He received the Donaldson Award for Directing, the George Jean Nathan Award for Writing and France's Legion d'Honneur. His writings can be found in The Collected Works of Harold Clurman, and every season in Ronald Rand’s "The Soul of the American Actor" Newspaper.

Through Ronald Rand's LET IT BE ART! Students and audiences also meet Stella Adler, Constantin Stanislavsky, Lee Strasberg, Clifford Odets, Alfred Steiglitz, Marlon Brando, and experience the story of The Group Theatre.

We would be most grateful for your joyful SUPPORT of LET IT BE ART!   - an unforgettable experience of passion, consciousness, and joy!



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