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ABE ABRAHAM/MEMORIES Forty dancers, each restricted in a position with both hands crossed and wrapped around their head, use agitated thrusts, stillness, and swift movement to reveal the nature of their confinement. Their movements reveal desperation, tenderness, willfulness, and exhaustion, as they navigate through a lonely terrain.


Founded by Abe Abraham, Abanar is a dance company formed for the purpose of expanding perceptions of movement through film. Inspired by what the camera can both hide and reveal, Abanar's films expose a world of details that would go unnoticed in a live dance performance.  Film techniques such as showing multiple perspectives, moving forward and backward in time,  isolating body parts, and framing space sets the groundwork for new ways of creating and perceiving movement.  For Abanar, film becomes a partner in the creation of dance from the outset:  a process designed to discover how these two media can challenge each other to create a novel vision.

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