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Modern Icons Book Project

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Modern Icons Book Project
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Paintings in exquisite detail of endangered species using egg tempera, rabbit skin glue, and 23 c. gold on paper plates.


Modern Icon:The Sacrifice of Endangered Species of the American Southwest features images of once-familiar Southwest species rendered in exquisite detail. Short entries accompany each painting, describing the plant or animal, its habitat, and the cause of its endangerment.

Dondelinger's work always surprises. She juxtaposes the ancient art of egg tempera iconography onto the most disposable of backdrops, the humble paper plate. The plate-as-canvas serves as a symbol of twenty-first century throwaway culture, just as the creatures she so painstakingly depicts (using precious materials like 23 carat gold, egg tempera and rabbit skin glue) have become expendable in our fast moving culture. In Modern Icons, readers will gain a new view of what is - or is no longer - to be found in their own back yards.

MF Dondelinger apprenticed in Italy with an orthodox iconographer. She applies the traditional materials and theories of this sacred art form to contemporary themes. She divides her time between Arizona and New Mexico. 

A complimentary copy of Modern Icons SW will be given to every public library in Arizona and New Mexico. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the publication of a second edition focusing on endangered species of the American Northwest.  Public libraries in Washington and Idaho will also receive complimentary copies.

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