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Requiem for 10,000 Souls

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Requiem for 10,000 Souls
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Requiem for 10,000 Souls is a multidisciplinary Truth Bomb that will ignite hundreds of compassionate truth-telling conversations on anti-Black racial violence across the United States. These are not lynching photographs on display. Picture visual art by Kara Walker, Dread Scott, Vanessa German, Sanford Biggers, et al. Installations by diverse artists, snippets of lucille clifton, Ansel Elkins, Toni Morrison, and other word sorcerers, infused with a Strange Fruit playlist inspired by Nina Simone. Vic Mensa. Solange. Bruce Springsteen. Fantasia. Woody Guthrie. Eryn Allen Kane. Charles Jenkins. Jennifer Johns. Plus facilitated community discussions on racial violence. Requiem for 10,000 Souls: Mourning quilts. Literature. Music and art and impassioned conversation unified to inspire folk to action.


"Requiem for 10,000 Souls" is a multidisciplinary project that promotes racial justice by critically engaging the public in formal and informal conversations on historical and contemporary violence against Black bodies in the form of lynching, rape, police execution, et al.

Its goal is to revisit history by re-membering lives lost to anti-Black racial terrorism while exposing the continuity between yesterday's lynchings and today's murders of unarmed African-American men, women and children by police and vigilantes.

"Requiem for 10,000 Souls" is a collaboration between African-American and non-African-American artists, activists, educators, and cultural institutions, that uses the power of art to honor African-American victims of racial terror. It is our hope that the emotional experience of viewing the project, along with facilitated community conversations and art-making activities, inspires action and transformation; and becomes part of healing mechanisms in America.


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