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Portrait of America

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Portrait of America
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PORTRAIT OF AMERICA initiates citywide interactive public art exhibitions to engage communities in a constructive dialog that triggers positive change.


PORTRAIT OF AMERICA (POA) presents interactive public art exhibitions and programs, which use portrait photography and true-life stories to engage communities in a constructive dialog addressing timely social issues.

Portrait of America™ invites you to support DREAM, our upcoming initiative in New York City, opening Spring 2013.

DREAM includes an interactive exhibition featuring portraits and stories of immigrant New Yorkers to ignite a dialog on the American Dream today. The dramatic presentation of the artwork, and the conversations that ensue through community programming, will create a new context for evaluating ourselves and each other. DREAM focuses on the values, hopes, and experiences that unite humankind, and provides a unique framework to reflect on our nation’s history as a nation of immigrants, and on the Dream that built America.

Our History:
In 2004, photographer Joe Standart began Portrait of America in New London. By mounting an exhibition of monumental portraits of the city's residents throughout the city's pubic spaces in the downtown area, Mr. Standart turned the entire downtown into an outside gallery in which fine art was accessible to all. The exhibition had quite an impact on the city, was seen by over 700,000 people, and drew extensive positive press helping to establish the reputation of New London as an up and coming center for the arts. The exhibition also generated significant revenue for the city's merchants and government by boosting tourism. Due to its tremendous success, The Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism requested that Mr. Standart produce a similar exhibition in Hartford.

Portrait of America's The Hartford Project (April 29 -August 1, 2010) was a celebration of the dignity and diversity of Connecticut's capital city. The exhibition  invigorated the city's downtown district, transforming it into a vibrant interactive photo exhibition, which came to life in the streets, cultural institutions, local businesses and other public spaces. The Project harnessed the power of the arts to facilitate civic engagement, with the goal of animating democracy- bringing diverse people into dialog, promoting compassion and understanding.

Joe Standart has national ambitions for the Portrait of America series. He is currently developing plans for a New York City exhibition.  

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