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We Used To Be Alone

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We Used To Be Alone
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"We Used To Be Alone", a project by electronic musician Christian Banks, who works under the aliases of Las Flores Project and Walrus Ghost. The project strives to combine electronic music performance with live interactive and visual elements as a means to explore the performative relationship between audience and performer in electronic music culture.


Electronic music has always struggled in regards to live performance. Watching a guy on stage behind a computer and a keyboard pushing and turning knobs usually leaves one wondering what the performer is actually doing up there. It lacks involvement and intimacy, as well as a sense of performance, creating a disconnect that follows suit with a disconcerting socio-cultural trend that continues to grow in our world: the absence of a formidable, physical social exchange.

"We Used To Be Alone" is an attempt to confront this disconnect between audience and performer by presenting its audience with a live interactive audio-visual performance space. The space, made possible by its physical design and meticulous computer engineering, will encourage those in attendace to not only watch and listen, but to participate and contribute to the actual performance. Each "audience" contribution, while slightly mediated, affects the music being played by the "performer" in live real-time. Consequently, the "audience" becomes more a "performer" and vice versa. The role of each other begins to interchange and the conversation begins to explore the possibilities of collective experience in electronic music performance.

The project will span over the next two years, and involve a team of video artists, musicians and computer engineers who will turn the idea into a reality. Currently our project seeks funding for two phases: first being the development of all visual, video, and audio content of the performance, and second being the build out of a physical performance space and development of interactive elements. Once completed and prepared for unveiling, the "performance" will be conducted 4 times over the course of a month. Each performance will be presented to an intimate audience, completely vulnerable to the improvisation of those in attendance that evening. The performances will be recorded live and uploaded for free download on the "We Used To Be Alone" website, as a way to document and share each piece from each week's performance.

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