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Il Cuore Canta

Il Cuore Canta
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June 2015 Project: Il Cuore Canta presents "The Enchanted Pomegranate", a storytelling concert from Monteverdi to Handel with a love story that unfolds in the garden of the Muses. Enchanted pomegranates weave their magic, intoxicating the senses, igniting love, soothing rancour, healing injury, and reuniting sundered hearts. Four gifted singers, and a musical ensemble that includes period instruments, bring the music of Monteverdi, Sances, Purcell, Handel and others to life with grace, virtuosity, and warmth in a performance that will charm and delight audiences of all ages and musical backgrounds. Concerts on June 20 and 21st in Hudson, NY and June 25,26,27 and 28th in Manhattan. Website: www.ilcuorecanta.com


Il Cuore Canta (The Heart Sings) is an intensive workshop and concert series for young classical singers who wish to develop greater freedom and ease of vocal production, as well as more spontaneous and genuine musical expression.

            The teachers of Il Cuore Canta work with the Libero Canto Szamosi®* approach. A guiding principle of this approach is that breathing and giving voice are inborn capacities that are governed far below the level of conscious control. The freedom of these physiological functions is the necessary foundation for healthy, free singing.

            The focus of Il Cuore Canta is on vocal and musical freedom. During lessons and rehearsals, the singers have worked on letting go of tension and excess effort, and on deepening their ability to hear and imagine music, all in a spirit of curiosity, experimentation, and play. The goal is to enable the body to respond with increasing ease to the singer’s musical and expressive impulses, so that singing can be both physically free and emotionally true. Il Cuore Canta creates an atmosphere in which singers can feel safe to allow their musical feeling and imagination to guide their singing, without the constraint of constantly judging their own voice. We invite young singers to explore how this process of releasing physical tension and giving up self-conscious control can benefit their singing, both vocally and artistically.

            The Szamosi approach takes its vocal and artistic orientation from the great singers of the first decades of the 20th century: Tito Schipa, Amelita Galli-Curci, Elisabeth Rethberg, and Giuseppe de Luca, to name only a few. We feel that these singers sang in a way that was extraordinarily free, authentic, and physiologically sound.

            For more information, please visit www.liberocanto.org.

* Libero Canto Szamosi® is the registered trademark of Edvin Szamosi.

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