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SISTER DOLL is an experimental 2D/3D computer short animation.


SISTER DOLL is an experimental computer animation short film aims to go beyond the boundaries between narrative and abstract, 2D and 3D CG animation. The story of this film is based on an old Japanese folklore, "When you see a twig of weeping cherry tree hits the water surface, you will see a ghost." This rather simple and childish folklore always sits in the corner of my head since my mother told me when we went to see the cherry blossom festival near my hometown in Japan many years ago, and keep making me wonder "if..." Though, I haven't seen a ghost nor the moment of a twig hitting the water surface yet myself, it inspires me to make a short film to visualize the "If..." The design of main characters for this short film is based on Japanese folkcraft called "Sister Doll." This is paper crafted doll which became popular around 18-19th century. Unlike origami which is often 3 dimensional, Sister doll is flat, and many people using it as bookmark. The most unique feature of Sister Doll is its lacking of facial features, no eyes, no mouth, no nose. Yet, when you it, Sister Doll can be full of emotion and expression. This is the one key elements to achieve audience participation to the film and evoke their own imagination.

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