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Actors of Sound

Actors of Sound
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Actors of sound is a documentary film about Foley art, and the individuals who recreate everyday common sounds for film and TV.


A Documentary about Foley Art

It’s hard to miss the explosive sound effects that are so present in film today,  but ever wonder what a movie would sound like if you couldn’t hear background sounds such as footsteps, clothes rustling, floors creaking, snow crunching, glasses breaking etc?  When directors shoot a film, they are only concerned with capturing the actor’s voice. Nothing else. So, when it comes to the edit, the soundtrack feels unnaturally quiet and things don’t sound like they’re supposed to. Which is where the Foley artist comes in – to make the film sound “real”.

‘Actors of Sound’ is a documentary film about Foley art and the artists that re-create and perform these sounds for film and TV.  The documentary will transport the viewer into the dark cluttered prop rooms and sound stages that Foley artists work from.  Exciting and sometimes hilarious footage of them manipulating real life objects to create sounds and performing the sounds in sync to picture will showcase their truly unique work process.  Interviews with Foley artists,  Foley editors, sound supervising editors and directors will examine every facet of their craft - from its origins to the unique foley artists that perform these sounds - dramatizing the impact that technology  and digital sound libraries are having on foley, possibly making one of the oldest crafts in the motion pictures industry extinct one day.


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