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Transforming Hate: The Project

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Transforming Hate: The Project
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Transforming Hate: The Project (working title) is comprised of origami cranes folded from pages of white supremacist books, installations of the origami cranes, photographs, artist books and image-text narratives that explore the artists’ process of working with materials that advocate violence against religions and people who do not adhere to the white nationalist doctrine.


Project History: The first artist’s book, Transforming Hate: An Artist’s Book, was published in 2016. According to Bill Stewart of Vamp and Tramp Booksellers, “The book is both an examination of oppression and violence attributable to race, gender, class, and sexual orientation in the US and a poignant personal narrative of moving beyond hate.”

The original piece, an origami crane sculpture, was made at the invitation of the Montana Human Rights Network and the Holter Museum of Art, in 2006. Working in collaboration, a group exhibition, Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate, was produced and continues to travel since that time.

According to Clarissa, an African American artist, “It was difficult to work with the materials, but turning the hate text of the white supremacist books into origami cranes became a metaphor for evoking peace and beauty. From the beginning, I wanted the work to be a catalyst for communities to gather to talk, to listen and to heal.”

The goal of my work is to connect with our past and to support the vision of a different future in which our communities interweave and interlace multiple narratives. The artist’s book is a central component of my work. It allows the audience to contemplate the work close up and at an individual pace. Turning pages is akin to turning corners in a gallery but on an intimate level; each new page is a new revelation.

Transforming Hate: An Artist’s Book was funded in part with $16,000 in contributions made through the NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship program. An additional $13,000 for the book publication came from other funding sources.

Your current tax-deductible donation will help us to continue to develop our work through workshops and community dialogues.

Thanks to all our contributors (listed in the first artist’s book, Transforming Hate: An Artist’s Book), The Montana Human Rights Network, and The Holter Museum of Art in Helena, Montana. Thank-you for your support.

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