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Story line: This documentary examines the process of the artist James Warhola coming from a rural coal mining town of Pittsburgh, PA. And the inspiring adventures with his famous Uncle Andy Warhol that lead him to become a major successful illustrator from the 1980’s until the present day. Growing up Warhola paved the way for a great career as an illustrator. Warhola did cover art for more than 300 sci-fi and fantasy book covers. Two celebrated covers are: Robert Heinlein’s: Stranger in a Strange Land and William Gibson’s cyberpunk classic: Neuromancer. James has illustrated over 35 children’s picture books. He wrote and illustrated the award-winning autobiographical children’s book entitled: "Uncle Andy’s A Faabbbulous Visit with Andy Warhol", which he followed with: "Uncle Andy’s Cats". In 1980, Mad Magazine commissioned him for their paperbacks this led to him becoming a regular contributor of the magazine. He is revered as one of the key artists for the highly collectable: Garbage Pail Kid card series. Currently he is following his uncle’s advice and is exhibiting large paintings and silkscreens in Europe. He has exhibited in Berlin and now Zurich.


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