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Portrait Foundation, Inc

Ken Lax

The Portrait Foundation is a non-profit advocacy start-up contributing dedicated photo collections to support family legacies. Our mission is social entrepreneurship, "to capture life's narrative and frame the journey along the way." We are a not-for-profit organization receiving fiscal sponsorship with New York Foundation for the Arts http://portraitfoundation.org (914) 656-0673.


Portrait Foundation, Inc. (914) 656-0673
Family photographs are the traditional archive linking people, memories, events, places, celebrations, milestones, and losses too. Our efforts go to supporting family's with limited resources. The Portrait Foundation is endeavoring to create collections of original photography and portraits and generational memorabilia, saved as classically printed and bound photo Journals.

KL 4/2011

“I try not to live in the past...but...sometimes the past lives in me.” Jamie Ford