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PARMER is a new platform for the presentation and development of feminist work. The program consists of screenings, reading groups, exhibitions, and events that use the triangulation of feminism, media, and psychoanalysis to spur critical thought and engagement.


The first series began on February 1, 2014, focusing on the relationship between feminism and technology with projects from Lindsay Benedict, Nikita Gale, Liz Linden and Jen Kennedy, Aviva Rahmani and Heather Bursch.

The second series focuses on feminism and dialogic space and includes projects from Cassandra Guan, Siân Evans and Jacqueline Mabey as well as Flora Katz and Mikaela Assolent.

The third series, hosted by Abrons Art Center uses the feminism, film, and psychoanalysis to think critically about representations of women in modern screen culture, the discourse of global warming, construction of desire, feminist temporality, narrative and affect. Participants and collaborators include: Tom Ackers, Melanie Gilligan, Sara Eliassen, Cassandra Guan, David Kelly, Marie Kølbæk Iversen, pilot press … and Shifter amongst others. 

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