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New York artist, Stuart Williams installed “Breath of Life/Dresden” at the historic Dresden Cathedral in tandem with the 70th anniversary observance of the bombing of Dresden in February 2015. The Cathedral appeared to "breathe" with light. A documentary film is currently in development.


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Dresden Cathedral, Dresden, Germany.

In the closing days of World War II, three days and nights of Allied bombing created a devastating firestorm which destroyed Dresden… a Baroque city of unparalleled architectural treasures. With the war’s outcome virtually a forgone conclusion, the annihilation of Dresden — Florence on the Elbe — was a profound loss to the cultural heritage of the whole world.

To mark the 70th annual observance of this iconic event in world history, the City of Dresden welcomed Williams to install “Breath of Life/Dresden” at the historic Dresden Cathedral. Williams transformed the facade with light... making the Cathedral appear to “breathe.”

Said the artist, “Given Dresden’s nearly total destruction in February 1945, I think the vision of one of its greatest historic landmarks appearing to breathe is extremely moving. In the end, it becomes an affirmation of life itself.”

Documentary Film: A documentary film about “Breath of LIfe/Dresden” is currently in development.

Past shadows present in Germany, no more darkly than in Dresden. Sparked by the World War II firebombing of that royal Saxon city, Neo-Nazis rally there, making it a flashpoint of rising nationalism. One American artist, granted rare permission, uses the historic cathedral as a monumental canvas to shine a luminous, breathing message of reconciliation. 

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Current Donors (among others):

The U.S. Embassy, Berlin (U.S. Consulate, Leipzig)
City of Dresden, Mayor's Office
Dresden Sister City, Inc.
An Anonymous Foundation in New York
Columbus Sister Cities International
Hotel Taschenbergpalais, Dresden
Westin Bellevue, Dresden
Stagelight, Coesfeld, Germany
Numerous private individuals (U.S. and Germany)


City of Dresden, Mayor's Office
City of Dresden, Department of Culture and Heritage
The Free State of Saxony
Dresden Kathedrale Ss. Trinitatis
U.S. Embassy, Berlin
U.S. Consulate, Leipzig
Buckingham Palace, London
President Obama, The White House
The Dresden Trust, London
The Bishop of Coventry, UK
Volkswagen Corp. Headquarters
The German Consulate, New York
Deutsches Haus, New York University
The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Indianapolis
Taubman College of Architecture, University of Michigan

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“Breath of Life/Dresden”
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