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Apply to NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship

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Photograph of Matt Bua's Catamount People's Museum

Application to NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship is free, and open to all artists with a U.S. Social Security number, regardless of location.

Artists who live in the U.S. but work overseas are welcome to apply.


Application must include the following:

  • project description
  • budget
  • resume
  • work samples (if applicable)

Deadlines to apply: June 30, September 30, December 31 and March 31. NYFA also accepts out-of-cycle reviews please email sponsorship@nyfa.org for more details.


  • Artist projects and emerging organizations must have a minimum budget of $15,000. This money need not be committed before applying for fiscal sponsorship or being accepted into the NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship program.
  • For accepted projects,NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship charges an 8% administrative fee, $100 contract fee, and a $50 annual renewal fee.
  • For accepted organizations,NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship charges an 8% administrative fee, a $100 contract fee, a $100 annual renewal fee, and a $45 quarterly maintenance fee.
  • Emerging organizations must be incorporated — or in the process of incorporating — as a nonprofit on the state level


For more information about fiscal sponsorship, NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship's processes, and other benefits, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Photo, at top: Matt Bua, Catamount People's Museum. Public Park for the Town of Catskill, NY. 2010. Funded by the Harpo Foundation.