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The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) invites all artists and cultural institutions to join #ArtistHotline, an Artist's Professional Development Day on Twitter, every third Wednesday of the month from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST. Join us again on November 21, 2018.


Inspired by the NYFA Source Hotline, #ArtistHotline is an initiative dedicated to creating an ongoing online conversation around the professional side of artistic practice. Our goal is to help artists discover the resources needed, online and off, to develop sustainable careers. The dialogue takes place on Twitter under the hashtag: #ArtistHotline.

#ArtistHotline includes discussion starters, directly answers artist inquiries and distributes a variety of curated content – including retweets, blog posts and engaging multimedia. NYFA, along with art professionals from varied organizations around the country, responds to questions and offers resources on topics such as financial planning, emergency preparedness, self-promotion and developing your creative practice in the digital age.

By connecting on social media, artists and art service organizations can establish a shared platform of knowledge, increase collaboration, and build rewarding long-term partnerships.

This initiative is supported by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.


Everyone! We want artists, writers, and performers in all disciplines, cultural nonprofits, and arts-related businesses around the country to join the conversation. Get involved by asking questions and sharing resources around artistic professional development.

I’m an artist; how can I participate?

Create a free Twitter account if you don't already have one, and on November 21, follow the conversation! Ask questions about your practice or questions about participating organizations, and respond to other artists, using the hashtag #ArtistHotline.

I'll be tweeting as an arts and cultural organization or business; how can I participate?

Step 1: Let us know you're participating so we can promote you.

#ArtistHotline takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Our next one is on November 21.

While you are welcome to tweet off and on throughout the day, we encourage organizations to pick a specific time they will be tweeting that will attract the most relevant audience. For example, many tweet chats are especially busy in the afternoon between 1pm - 4pm. You can participate in the discussion for 30 minutes or 60 minutes (or more!).

Click here to schedule your organization to join the conversation.

Step 2: Promote your participation to your community

Promote! Promote! Promote! Let your community know about your upcoming tweet chat. Actively promote the event on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks. We highly recommend sharing the details of the tweet chat on your website, blog and/or email newsletter. To boost your promotion, create an invitation image that is easy to share on various online platforms.

Step 3: Use a moderator

Assign a moderator to post questions and field answers. A moderator's primary role is leading the online conversation and engaging your Twitter followers.

The moderator will effectively host your chat by helping to maintain the overall flow of the conversation, making sure participants are using the hashtag, and newcomers are welcomed. Each audience interaction deserves acknowledgement - whether it's a direct reply, retweet, or hitting the favorite button!

Step 4: Be prepared to share

Tweet chats are fast paced and require a good amount of prep work to ensure a smooth online experience. A week or two before the chat, create a cheat sheet document for your moderator. (We've gathered some key resources to get you started.) You can list commonly asked questions, specific website references, and create images readily available to share. The majority of your tweets should be ad-hoc responses to participants; however, it's helpful to be aware of the different types of questions and interactions you may receive. The goal is to ask lively questions that provide more than a yes/no response and can spark valuable discussions.

Step 5: Get started

Once you're ready, sign up for #ArtistHotline and add your voice to the conversation!


Contact source@nyfa.org


Supported by:

Justin Berry (Digital/Electronic Arts '14)

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