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#ArtistHotline is an initiative dedicated to creating an ongoing online conversation around the professional side of artistic practice. Our goal is to help artists discover the resources needed—online and off—to develop sustainable careers.

The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) launched #ArtistHotline in 2015 as an entry point for artists to seek advice, taking inspiration from the NYFA Source Hotline. The goal of #ArtistHotline is to foster an online community of artists and arts administrators who brainstorm and share resources and encouragement towards professional career growth.


Artists and arts administrators can participate in the #ArtistHotline Social Media initiative by:

  • Use the hashtag any time on Twitter to ask questions and share opportunities and resources. NYFA staff will respond with resources and answers within two business days, and occasionally invite other organizations into the conversation to provide further insights on the topic.
  • Engage with NYFA staff via @nyfacurrent’s Instagram account. In the first week of each month, look for posts and interactive Instagram Stories with #ArtistHotline content.
  • Read content on our blog inspired by the tweeted conversations that have taken place during #ArtistHotline.

By connecting on social media, artists and art service organizations can establish a shared platform of knowledge, increase collaboration, and build rewarding long-term partnerships.

#ArtistHotline will soon evolve into a new responsive website feature on with the invaluable support of the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation. This feature, like #ArtistHotline and the NYFA Source Hotline—which is accessible over the phone and by email—will provide opportunities to interact with NYFA staff and will address the needs of the artist and arts community.


#ArtistHotline's first iteration came in the form of a monthly, day-long Twitter Chat that brought together hundreds of artists, arts professionals, and experts in a variety of fields to discuss topics including self-promotion, work/life balance, freelancer's rights, non-traditional networking techniques, artist's websites, and more. The dynamic chat offered anyone the opportunity to ask questions or offer their own advice via the #ArtistHotline hashtag. See below for a sampling of past #ArtistHotline conversations and a full archive of previous #ArtistHotline chats.






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