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Artists' Fellowships


For the past 29 years, NYFA has awarded Artists' Fellowships of $7,000 to individual originating artists living in New York State and/or Indian Nations located in New York State.

NYFA is committed to supporting artists from diverse cultural backgrounds at all stages of their professional careers. In 2014, NYFA awarded 90 grants to 93 awardees with 3 collaborations totaling an amount of $630,000.

Artists' Fellowships, awarded in fifteen different disciplines over a three-year period are $7,000 cash awards made to individual originating artists living and working in the state of New York for unrestricted use. Artists’ Fellowships are not project grants but are intended to fund an artist’s vision or voice, regardless of the level of his or her artistic development.

NYFA's Artists' Fellowships are administered with leadership support from the New York State Council on the Arts, a State agency.


The application for the 2014-2015 award cycle is now closed.

Artists will be notified in Summer 2015.


  • Fiction
  • Folk/Traditional Arts
  • Interdisciplinary Work
  • Painting*
  • Video/Film

*Including the Basil H. Alkazzi Award for Excellence in Painting




Peter Beasecker (Madison)
Charlotte Becket (Kings)
Anna Betbeze (New York)
Amy Brener (Kings)
Kate Clark (Kings)
Mikhail Gubin (Queens)*
Yoko Inoue (Kings)
Cal Lane (Putnam)
Harry Leigh (Rockland)
Norman Magnusson (New York)
Amanda C. Mathis (Kings)
Walter McConnell (Allegany)
Ian McMahon (Steuben)
Myra Mimlitsch-Gray (Ulster)
Ryan Sarah Murphy (New York)
Armita Raafat (New York)
Jessica Segall (Kings)
Michelle Segre (New York)
Gregory Skochko (Albany)
Kako Ueda (Kings)
Chris Victor (Ulster)
Jian-Jun Zhang (New York)*

R.M. Fischer (New York)
Jessica Stoller (Kings)
Jane South (Kings)

Claire Watson (Suffolk)
Linda Cordell (Chautauqua)
Hiroyuki Hamada (Suffolk)
Charles McGill (Westchester)
Shari Mendelson (New York)

Digital/Electronic Arts

Aziz + Cucher (Kings)*
Justin Berry (Kings)
Peter Burr (Kings)
Heather Bursch (Kings)
Blake Carrington (Kings)
Shamus Clisset (New York)
Nicholas Fraser (Kings)
Shih Chieh Huang (New York)
Adam Hurwitz (New York)
Oleg Mavromatti/Boryana Rossa (Onondaga)
Lisa Park (New York)
Laura Parnes (Kings)
Saya Woolfalk (New York)***

Faith Holland (New York)
Phillip Stearns (Kings)
Katie Torn (New York)

Adam Daily (Washington)
Michael Greathouse (Kings)
Sophie Kahn (Kings)
Moo Kwon Han (New York)
Leila Christine Nadir (Madison)

Non-Fiction Literature

Colin Asher (Kings)
Jonathan Blunk (Westchester)
Cynthia Carr (New York)
Jace Clayton (Kings)
Coco Fusco (Kings)
Shahnaz Habib (New York)
Abeer Hoque (New York)
Will Hunt (Kings)
Suki Kim (New York)
Annie Lanzillotto (Westchester)
Oona Patrick (Kings)
Amanda Petrusich (Kings)
Luc Sante (Ulster)
Ned Sublette (New York)
Richard Tayson (Queens)

Ava Chin (New York)
Robin Marantz Henig (New York)
Aurvi Sharma (New York)

Vivian Heller (Dutchess)
Mary Emily O’Hara (Kings)
Catherine McKinley (NYC)
Damian Van Denburgh (New York)
Gabrielle Selz (Suffolk)


Albert Abonado (Monroe)
Rosebud Ben-oni (Queens)
Emily Blair (Kings)
Charity Coleman (New York)
John Coletti (Kings)
Corina Copp (Kings)
Amanda K. Davidson (New York)
BC Edwards (Kings)
Simone Kearney (New York)
Dawn Lundy Martin (Suffolk)
Rachel McKibbens (Monroe)
Judah Rubin (Queens)
Beth Steidle (Kings)
Stacy Szymaszek (Kings)
Vincent Toro (Bronx)
Karen Weiser (New York)
Matvei Yankelevich (Kings)

Cynthia Manick (Kings)
Idrissa Simmonds (Kings)
Michael Leong (New York)

Jose Perez Beduya (Tompkins)
Nathaniel Otting (Kings)
Marc Straus (New York)
Ellen Graf (Rensselaer)
Tonya Foster (Kings)

Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts

Perry Angelora (Kings)
Gil Avineri (New York)
Cui Fei (New York)**
Zaria Forman (Kings)
Maria Elena Gonzalez (Kings)*
Linda Herritt (Kings)
George Hrycun (Allegany)
Yashua Klos (New York)
Kakyoung Lee (Kings)
Matt Marello (New York)
Gordon Moore (New York)
Andrea Moreau (Dutchess)
Anne Muntges (Erie)
Doug Navarra (Ulster)
Seamus O’Brien (Kings)
John O Connor (Westchester)
Gary Panter (Kings)
Svetlana Rabey (New York)
Patricia Smith (Kings)
Nicholas Vaughan/Jacob Margolin (Kings)
Dale Williams (Kings)
Heeseop Yoon (Kings)
Eugenia Yu (Kings)

Donald Powley (Schoharie)
Cynthia Lin (New York)
Jade Townsend (Kings)

Geoff Chadsey (Kings)
Rosemarie Fiore (Bronx)
Chris Fritton (Erie)
Takuji Hamanaka (Kings)

 *Gregory Millard Fellows: Jian-Jun Zhang (Crafts/Sculpture), Mikhail Gubin (Crafts/Sculpture), Aziz + Cucher (Digital/Electronic Arts), Maria Elena Gonzalez (Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts)
**The Lily Auchincloss Foundation Fellow: Cui Fei (Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts)
***Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Fellow: Saya Woolfalk (Digital/Electronic Arts)



Applications for the 2015-16 award cycle will open in Fall 2015. The following categories will be reviewed:

  • Architecture/Environmental Structures/Design
  • Choreography
  • Music/Sound
  • Photography
  • Playwriting/Screenwriting


Applications for the 2016-17 award cycle will open in Fall 2016. The following categories will be reviewed:

  • Crafts/Sculpture
  • Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts
  • Nonfiction Literature
  • Poetry
  • Digital/Electronic Arts


Christopher Kurtz (Crafts/Sculpture)

Michael Ferris Jr. (Crafts/Sculpture)

Danielle Abrams (Interdisciplinary Work)

Nicholas Fernandez (Music/Sound)

Bora Yoon (Music/Sound)

Sarah Dohrmann (Non-Fiction Literature)

Kevin Cook (Painting)

Lori Nix (Photography)

Willie Perdomo (Poetry)

Andrea Dezsö (Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts)

Fay Ku (Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts)

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo (Video/Film)

Trustee Liaison to the Advisory Committee:
Judith Brodsky


NYFA's Artists' Fellowships are administered with leadership support from the New York State Council on the Arts, a State agency.

Major funding is also provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Additional funding was provided by the Lily Auchincloss Foundation, the Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, and individual donors.

You can join NYFA's generous benefactors in helping artists. Visit our Support pages to learn more about the impact of your gift.

The NYFA Advisory Committee, appointed by NYFA's Board of Trustees, is an ethnically and geographically diverse group of professional New York State artists who represent all the disciplines in which Fellowships are awarded. The Advisory Committee determines policy and procedures for Artists' Fellowships but does not make decisions on individual applicants. The above list represents the Committee roster in 2013-14, and is subject to change in the 2014-15 cycle.