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Advancing Your Arts Career

Finding Opportunities in the Arts



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Tackle Creative Block
Get advice from a range of multidisciplinary artists in NYFA's community on how to beat, harness, or simply sit with and accept creative block.

Five Ways to Stake Your Claim in the Arts Ecosystem
Takeaways from the inaugural Art World Conference that can help you focus your creative energies to develop a more purposeful practice.

The Artist as Advocate: Three Savvy Ways to Champion a Cause
Inspired by Americans For the Arts's 2019 Arts Action Summit, NYFA Staffer Mirielle Clifford shares takeaways for artists on how to engage with their elected officials.

Tools for Creative Activism
La Tanya S. Autry, a cultural organizer in the visual arts, offers ways that individuals can work for more inclusive institutions, and gives advice for those entering the field from historically excluded communities.

The Artist's Creed: 10 Guiding Principles for Your Arts Career
We share advice from artists we admire on how to build sustainable careers, prioritize self-care, and get your work out there.

Neurodivergent Artists Build Community
Sonia Boué, a visual multiform autistic artist, offers encouraging words on how neurodivergent artists can frame their own creative lives to themselves, and provides tips on inclusivity for arts administrators.

Five First Steps for Making Your Events More Accessible
We share recommendations from visual, performing, and participatory artist Jess Thom—aka Touretteshero—for artists and artist collectives holding public events and performances.

How to Thrive as a Mature Artist
We spoke with Carter Burden Gallery Director Marlena Vaccaro about the Gallery’s work with artists over 60 and her advice for mature artists and artists of all ages.

How Does A Gallery Find Me?
A talk with Michael Findlay from Acquavella Galleries.

Top 9 Tips for Thriving in New York City
Tips and advice for working in the arts and navigating opportunities in New York City.

Business Models: What Are They?
A business model primer for individual artists, arts organizations, and for-profit ventures with active arts programming.

Artists: This Is What You Need to Know About Gallerists
What it takes to build a good relationship between artists and gallerists.

How to Select an Artist Residency Program: Advice from Artist Rosemarie Fiore
Here's what you should look for when you need to break away from your daily routine.

Navigating Sponsorship Opportunities
Learn how to identify and approach potential sponsors for your next art exhibition or project.


Finding Opportunities in the Arts        Back to Top

Where Should I Submit My Writing? 
Writers share insights on how to decide which publications are the best fit for your writing.

Art Resources for People with Disabilities 
A summary of disability-specific art organizations, advocacy groups and online resources.

Everything You Need to Know About Literary Submissions
Being published in a literary magazine can be a necessary first step to attracting agents and gaining an audience for you and your work.


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Image: Pascual Jaime Sisto (Fellow in Digital/Electronic Arts '17)

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