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Advancing Your Arts Career

Finding Opportunities in the Arts


Spotlight on a NYFA Doctor


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Conversations | Thrive as a Mature Artist
February 28, 2018
We spoke with Carter Burden Gallery Director Marlena Vaccaro about the Gallery’s work with artists over 60 and her advice for mature artists and artists of all ages.

Business of Art | Traditional Distribution vs. Service Deals and Hybrid Options
February 28, 2018
Jim Browne from Argot Pictures shared advice on choosing the best distribution model for your film.

Business of Art | Programs for Interactive Media Makers at the Tribeca Film Institute
November 28, 2017
NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship presented an event with Zeina Abi Assy, manager of Interactive Programs at Tribeca Film Institute, where she shared the mission-driven support available to transmedia collaborations.

Recap | Structuring Movies presented by Sam Pollard
August 8, 2017
Sam Pollard visited NYFA to screen sample clips from his edited and directed films and to share his perspective on the essential elements to consider when building a dynamic and gripping story arc.

Recap | Film Distribution and the Educational Market
June 18, 2017
Livia Bloom, Vice President of Icarus Films, explained the advantages of placing your documentary film on the educational market, with advice on tapping into that market.

Event Recap: Jim Browne’s “Film Distribution - What are my Options?”
February 6, 2017
A talk with Jim Browne from Argot Pictures. 

How Does A Gallery Find Me?
November 18, 2016
A talk with Michael Findlay from Acquavella Galleries.

IAP Featured Report: Top 9 Tips for Thriving in New York City
July 18, 2016
Tips and advice for working in the arts and navigating opportunities in New York City.

Ask #ArtistHotline: How Can a Business Model Sustain Art?
July 7, 2016
A business model primer for individual artists, arts organizations, and for-profit ventures with active arts programming.

Most Popular #ArtistHotline Tweets
December 14, 2015
Tips for writing the perfect application.

Ask #ArtistHotline: Mastering Self-promotion
November 16, 2015
The first step of mastering self-promotion is viewing yourself as an creative entrepreneur.

Creative Careers: Cover Letter Tips for Art Administrators
October 28, 2015
Write a new and unique cover letter for every position you apply for.

Creative Careers: Attending Career Fairs
October 9, 2015
Career fairs are the perfect opportunity for you to introduce yourself to potential employers.

Artists: This Is What You Need to Know About Gallerists
September 30, 2015
What it takes to build a good relationship between artists and gallerists.

Ask #ArtistHotline: Tips for Emerging Artists
September 8, 2015
Career tips for emerging artists via #ArtistHotline.

How to Select an Artist Residency Program: Advice from Artist Rosemarie Fiore
September 3, 2015
Here's what you should look for when you need to break away from your daily routine.

Ask #ArtistHotline: Sponsorships
August 5, 2015
Learn how to identify and approach potential sponsors for your next art exhibition or project.

The Business of Practicing Your Art: Part II
June 27, 2013
Learn how to implement the tools discussed in Part I to apply for opportunities to support your career.

The Business of Practicing Your Art: Part I
May 1, 2013
Learn how to set goals and use them to develop an artist toolkit for success.

Essential Services for Aging Artists
July 5, 2006
How does a visual artist age and remain active? What are the distinct disadvantages to being an older artist, and what are some of the accepted behavioral patterns that might lead to such disadvantages?

Career Self-Assessment and Setting Goals
January 27, 2005
Learn about ways artists can work to define vision, evaluate one's career and set and achieve goals.

Making the Most of Professional Organizations
December 20, 2004
Learn about the benefits of belonging to professional organizations.

Where Will an Agent Take You?
June 27, 2004
Learn about how artists can benefit from working with an agent.


Finding Opportunities in the Arts        Back to Top

Ask #ArtistHotline | Cultivating Community through Residencies + Opportunities Round-Up
October 10, 2017
During the "Residencies 101" #ArtistHotline Guest Chat in August of 2017, we heard from sound artist Maria Chávez, Residency Program Manager at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Holly Kranker, and poet Sally Wen Mao. The three guest tweeters shared tips for connecting with fellow residents. The post also includes artist residency programs from NYFA Source.

NYFA Source | Opportunities Round-Up for Artists with Disabilities
NYFA Source can be used to search for programs for artists with disabilities and for artists addressing the experience of disability. In this round-up, we shared a small cross-section of available opportunities.

Artist Opportunities in the Sunshine State
May 13, 2016
Use NYFA Source to research available opportunities in the state of Florida, including residencies, grants, and writing groups.

Professional Resources for Dancers from NYFA Source
December 18, 2015
From affordable cash grants to dance festivals nationwide, use NYFA Source to research available dance opportunities.

Creative Careers: Resources for Teaching Artists
November 10, 2015
A collection of opportunities and resources for teaching artists.

Art Resources for People with Disabilities 
October 13, 2015
A summary of disability-specific art organizations, advocacy groups and online resources.

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with Artist Resources
September 21, 2015
A selection of artist resources honoring National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Southern Arts Opportunities
August 27, 2015
A roundup of cultural arts organizations and select awards and services in the Southern States from NYFA Source.

Visual Art-Related Reddit Subreddits
August 17, 2015
Find out how to use reddit for more information on the arts business.

Before Applying to an Artist Opportunity: No Appreciation Without Proper Presentation (Part 4 of 4)
August 3, 2015
Learn how to present your work professionally.

Before Applying to an Artist Opportunity: Su-Su-Studio: Finding the Right Space (Part 3 of 4)
July 28, 2015
Factors to consider when looking for a studio space.

Before Applying to an Artist Opportunity: Beware The Ides of Arts (Part 2 of 4)
July 16, 2015
9 helpful tips to protect yourself from scams and schemes.

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying to an Artist Opportunity (Part 1 of 4)
July 9, 2015
Learn how to apply for the right artist opportunities.

Everything You Need to Know About Literary Submissions
April 9, 2015
Being published in a literary magazine can be a necessary first step to attracting agents and gaining an audience for you and your work.


#Artsbizinc        Back to Top

Spotlights on successful arts entrepreneurs and the ideas that sparked their arts businesses.

Ross Michaels, Park Avenue Artists
December 22, 2014

Betsi Graves, Urbanity Dance
December 18, 2014

Deborah Fisher, A Blade of Grass
December 13, 2014

Manon Slone, No Longer Empty
December 3, 2014

Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo
November 24, 2014

Katy Rubin, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC
November 21, 2014


Spotlight on a NYFA Doctor        Back to Top

Tips for artists from the arts professionals who consult for NYFA's Doctor's Hours.

Erik Hougen
March 4, 2015

Hallie Ringle
February 13, 2015

Jason Maas
January 12, 2015

Hans Tammen
November 25, 2014


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Image: Pascual Jaime Sisto (Fellow in Digital/Electronic Arts '17)