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Classifieds FAQ

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[-] How do I post an ad?

To post a classifieds listing, go to and click on the type of listing you would like to post. If you are new to the site, follow the directions to create an account. Once you have set up an account, you can review all of your past and present listings and post new ones by signing in from the top right corner of NYFA’s homepage:

For greater visibility, NYFA offers banner advertising at reasonable rates on all sections of NYFA Classifieds.

[+] What can I post?

[+] I’m not sure where to post. Which page should I use?

[+] Who visits the NYFA Classifieds site?

[+] What is a featured listing?

[+] What are NYFA’s rates?

[+] Can I schedule a future date for my listing to be published?

[+] What forms of payment do you accept?

[+] Do you charge for internship and volunteer listings?

[+] Do nonprofit organizations receive free or discounted listings?

[+] I made a mistake on my listing. How do I fix it?

[+] Why isn’t my featured listing showing up?

[+] What is the difference between disabling my listing and deleting it?

[+] How do I disable (or delete) my listing?

[+] My listing has expired. How do I renew it?

[+] I don’t want to publish my contact information on the listing. How should I direct people to apply?

[+] Do you review or edit posted content?

[+] I want to hire an intern. Are there any laws I need to comply with in order to offer an internship at my organization?

[+] What things are not permitted in a job listing?

[+] Can I report a problem with an advertiser to NYFA?

[+] I am having trouble posting my listing. What might be the issue?

[+] I’m a third-party recruiter. How do I post on behalf of my client?

[+] Why does my job posting appear on

[+] I am not an arts organization. Should I use NYFA Classifieds?

[+] What is your policy on refunds?

Thank you again for advertising with us! Need additional help? Contact Classifieds support at
Amanda Church (Fellow in Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts '17)

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