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May 2017 - July 2016        Back to Top

Conversations | Andre Joseph’s The Saxophonist
August 2, 2018
The Saxophonist is a short film written, directed, and produced by Andre Joseph. It follows the story of Lonnie Johnson, a New York City saxophone player who is approaching a major crossroads in his life. Joseph originally started the project 12 years ago when he was a film student writing a screenplay. In this interview, he talks about his journey throughout the production of the film.

Conversations | Aida Šehović’s Nomadic Monument, “ŠTO TE NEMA”
June 28, 2018
ŠTO TE NEMA is a nomadic monument that began as a one-time performance in 2006 and has since traveled across the U.S. and Europe. Each July 11, Šehović brings members of the public together to commemorate Srebrenica Memorial Day and participate in the project by placing fildžani, Bosnian for “cup,” on the ground and filling them with Bosnian coffee throughout the day. The act pays tribute to the 8,372 lives lost in the 1995 Srebrenica Massacre.

Conversations | Debi Cornwall's Book and Exhibition "Welcome to Camp America"
June 7, 2018
Welcome to Camp America, fiscally sponsored through NYFA, is a book and exhibition of photographs that cast an absorbing light on life at Guantánamo Bay and the growing diaspora of its cleared and released “detainees.”

Business of Art | How to Locate Creative Opportunities Workshops in Spanish Recap
May 25, 2018
In this reacp, learn about step-by-step actions and best practices for efficiently finding and activating creative opportunities that provide time, space, and support to develop creative careers.

Conversations | Nadja Verena Marcin's OPHELIA World Tour
May 24, 2018
German-born artist Nadja Verena Marcin pays homage to the Shakespearean noble figure Ophelia in her latest multidisciplinary work of the same name. Learn more about the live performance and video installation in this NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship interview.

Business of Art | TransCultural Exchange Conference Overview
April 20, 2018
Mary Sherman, the Executive Director of Transcultural Exchange, spoke with NYFA after the Transcultural Exchange Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Exploring New Horizons.

Conversations | Making Your Way as an Immigrant Performing Artist
April 11, 2018
In this Q&A, Aryo Wicaksono, musician and Membership Manager at Grantmakers in the Arts, gave advice for thriving as an artist in a new environment.

Conversations | John Morton’s Sound Installation “Fever Songs”
April 9, 2018
Experimental sound artist John Morton explores religious expression in his newest installation, the NYFA Fiscally Sponsored Project Fever Songs, and shared his process with NYFA.

Conversations | Monika Fabijanska’s “The Un-Heroic Act”
March 8, 2018
In recognition of Women’s History Month, NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship interviewed art historian and curator Monika Fabijanska.

Conversations | On the Road with “Black Velvet - Architectures & Archetypes”
February 22, 2018
Shamel Pitts and Mirelle Martins are the duo behind the NYFA Fiscally Sponsored Project, Black Velvet, an international performance art tour that sketches a concept of identity that transcends the boundaries of race, gender, and sexual orientation. Pitts spoke to NYFA about the project's inception.

Conversations | Marco Antonio Castro, Multidisciplinary Artist and IAP Mentor
February 22, 2018
NYFA spoke with Marco Antonio Castro about his creative process, his experience with art and technology, his role as a mentor with NYFA's Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program, and more.

Conversations | Susan L. Schulman on Publicity for Performing Artists
February 8, 2018
Susan L. Schulman, a theatrical press agent who draws on more than four decades of experience, graciously agreed to distill her years of experience into a few concrete pointers that the performing artist can utilize as they work to create and build an audience for their work.

Conversations | Alison Cornyn’s “Incorrigibles”
January 18, 2018
"Incorrigibles,"a NYFA Fiscally Sponsored project, is a book, web platform, film, exhibition, research project, and a powerful social justice initiative that reveals personal narratives of girls who were incarcerated and deemed “incorrigible” at the New York Training School for Girls between 1904 and 1975. We spoke with the creator, Alison Cornyn.

Conversations | Paola Mendoza, Artistic Director for the Women’s March, Film Director, and Author
December 21, 2017
Paola Mendoza discusses how her immigrant experience directly informs the stories she tells as a filmmaker.

Conversations | Leigh Davis’s Inquiry into the ELE
December 13, 2017
Multimedia artist Leigh Davis’s Fiscall Sponsored project, Inquiry into the ELE, takes its viewers through a string of accounts of intriguing and thought-provoking end-of-life experiences (ELEs).

Conversations | Curtis Caesar John’s Micro-cinema, The Luminal Theater
November 15, 2017
The Luminal Theater, founded by Curtis John, is a NYFA Fiscally Sponsored organization dedicated to preserving the artistry and presence of the Black filmmaking community in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Conversations | Meet an #ArtistHotline Partner: The Flower City Arts Center
November 9, 2017
We spoke with Megan Charland, the Photography Program Manager of Flower City Arts Center in Rochester, NY. Charland shared advice for connecting on social media through programs like #ArtistHotline.

Conversations | Arnaldo J. López, Development Officer at Pregones/PRTT
November 3, 2017
We spoke with Puerto Rican native Arnaldo J. López about Pregones/PRTT's efforts to help artists affected by Huricane Maria, and about how to adjust to living in New York City as an immigrant artist.

Conversations | Annie-B Parson and “17c”
October 3, 2017
We spoke with the prolific Annie-B Parson (Fellow in Choreography ‘00, 06, ‘13) about 17c, a century-spanning multidisciplinary production which premiered as part of Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)’s 2017 Next Wave Festival.

Conversations | Director Carolyn Jones on “Defining Hope”
October 19, 2017
We spoke with Carolyn Jones, a Fiscally Sponsored filmmaker and photographer, on her film documenting the experiences of patients who are confronted with life-threatening illnesses.

'Writing On It All' Returns to Governor's Island: An Interview with its Makers
May 15, 2017
Artistic Director Alexandra Chasin and the team behind Writing On It All's programming discuss the participatory and inclusive writing project and why they chose NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship.

Erin Joyce's "My Country Tis of Thy People, You're Dying"
May 4, 2017
Independent Curator Erin Joyce (Sponsored Project) and the founders of Radiator Gallery, Tamas Veszi and Daniela Kostova, discuss the exhibition, My Country Tis of Thy People, You're Dying, and the role of NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship in securing funding for the show.

IAP Interview: Leeza Ahmady, Director of Asia Contemporary Art Week, ACAW
May 1, 2017
Born and raised in Afghanistan, Leeza Ahmady is a New York-based independent curator and the director of Asia Contemporary Art Week, ACAW, a dynamic platform that brings together leading New York and Asian-based art institutions.  

IAP Interview: Tamas Veszi, Hungarian Artist and Founder of RadiatorArts
March 31, 2017
Hungarian artist Tamas Veszi talks about RadiatorArts, a space that seeks to promote debates and invigorate cooperativeness around the arts.

Meet ABI Business Blck Prism
March 17, 2017
Blck Prism is a re-imagined gallery space focused on empowering Black art through digital means. We caught up with founders Andre and Tanayia Woolery to learn more about Blck Prism and their experience in NYFA’s Art Business Incubator Program.

Fiscal Sponsorship / Fellows at 30: Karen Marshall
March 8, 2017
We discuss the New York photographer's documentary work and practice, including her 30-year Between Girls: A Passage to Womanhood project.

IAP Interview: Catherine Yu, Artist and Director of Public Programs at the Asian American Arts Alliance
March 2, 2017
The playwright talked about the importance of collaboration, and her award-winning plays.

Meet New NYFA Board Member: Young Yang Chung
February 29, 2017
Join us in welcoming new Board Member Young Yang Chung to NYFA. Chung is a textile historian and embroiderer who fosters appreciation of an art form often stigmatized as "women's work."

IAP Interview: Monika Wührer, Artist and Director of Open Source Gallery
December 19, 2016
IAP Newsletter interviews Monika Wührer, who has built an extraordinary community in Brooklyn around Open Source Gallery.

IAP Interview: Alicia Ehni, Artist and New Editor of the Immigrant Artist Newsletter
December 1, 2016
Join us in welcoming Alicia and get to know a little bit more about her own experience as an immigrant artist.

Interview with Leigh Stein & NYFA at BinderCon NYC 2016
October 25, 2016
We spoke to Leigh Stein, Executive Director of Out of the Binders, about gender equity in publishing, building community among writers, and anti-procrastination strategies.

Fellows at 30 / Fiscal Sponsorship: An Interview with Mary Mattingly
October 3, 2016
In this interview, Mary Mattingly (Fellow in Sculpture ‘11) talks about sustainable food systems and NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship.

IAP Interview: Daniel Gallant, Executive Director of Nuyorican Poets Cafe
September 30, 2016
Priscilla Son of IAP recently met with Nuyorican Poets Cafe’s Executive Director, Daniel Gallant, to discuss the organization’s 43-year history, its mission and trajectory, as well as performance opportunities available at the Cafe for our immigrant artist readers.

Fellows at 30 / Fiscal Sponsorship: Andres Serrano
September 23, 2016
We talked to NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Andres Serrano (Photography '87) about his latest book, Salvation: The Holy Land (Sponsored Project), as well as how to deal with controversy and his appreciation for NYFA support.

Kathleen Foster's PROFILED Screening at Brooklyn Museum's Target First Saturdays
Septmber 20, 2016
Kathleen Foster spoke to us about her latest film PROFILED, a fiscally sponsored project.

IAP Interview: Terence Trouillot with artist Joana P. Cardozo
August 25, 2016
Terence Trouillot and Joana P. Cardozo recently met as participants of the 2016 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. In an email interview, Terence asked Joana about her upcoming project, The Future Perfect, an exhibition she co-curated with fellow artists and curators.

Fellows at 30: Michael Ferris Jr.
July 7, 2016
We talked to NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Michael Ferris Jr. (Sculpture ‘09) about art in non-traditional spaces, his family history's influence on his work, and his time on NYFA's Artist Advisory Committee.


April 2016 - Jan 2015        Back to Top

Conversations: Danica Novgorodoff Interviews Deanna Fei
April 15, 2016
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Danica Novgorodoff (Fiction ‘15) interviews author and NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Deanna Fei (Fiction ‘06). The two discuss the themes of Fei's memoir, Girl in Glass, such as parenting, writing from personal experience, and medical privacy. 

Fellows at 30: Moon Molson
April 8, 2016
We talked to two-timeNYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow in Video/Film, Moon Molson. Molson tells us about the challenges faced by female filmmakers and filmmakers of color in Hollywood, and shares how NYFA can continue to support these artists.

Helène Aylon & Feminism: A Fiscally Sponsored Artist Reflects
March 30, 2016
NYFA interviews two-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Helène Aylon, who shares her thoughts on Feminism, the current landscape for female emerging artists, and her fiscally sponsored The G-D Project.

IAP Interview: Marcus B. Burke, Senior Curator at the Hispanic Society of America
March 30, 2016
In this interview, originally featured in the ConEdison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Marcus B. Burke shares memorable moments from his tenure at the Hispanic Society of America and dicusses the organization's resources for immigrant artists.

IAP Interview: Eva Davidova and Haisi Hu
February 22, 2016
IAP mentor and mentee pair Haisi Hu and Eva Davidova have already been featured in a New York Times article and took the time to talk to NYFA about the life of an immigrant artist in New York. They tell us about their first impressions of the city, how being an immigrant has influenced their practice and share the things they miss about their home countries.

IAP Archive: Ezra Wube
January 28, 2016
In 2015, IAP Alumnus Ezra Wube has told us about about founding the "Addis Video Film Festival" in his hometown Addis Ababa.Now after a successful launch, we reached out to Ezra to see what he had learned.

The Gift of Time: Alan Berliner and His Process - Part IV
January 26, 2016
In this fourth podcast about filmmaker and three-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Alan Berliner he talks about his passion for 16 mm Motion Picture Film. The series of podcasts is created by NYFA Fiscally Sponsored Filmmaker Benita Raphan.

IAP Interview: Yevgeniya Baras
January 26, 2016
Yevgeniya Baras is a contemporary painter and co-founder of the Regina Rex Gallery on the Lower East Side. NYFA visited her studio at the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program to find out how she balances her business with her artistic practice, how artists get noticed, and how her immigrant experience influences her work.

Meet New NYFA Board Member: Mary Lang
January 11, 2016
NYFA Board member Mary Lang tells us about herself, her aspirations as a NYFA board member, and her favorite artists.

Fellows at 30: Noémie Lafrance
January 7, 2016
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow and choreographer Noémie Lafrance talks to us about connecting dance with places and creating site-specific performances. The choreography fellow also tells us about taking time to reflect on things, nonprofit organizations for the arts and changes in the industry that are due to the technological advancements.

Conversation with Fiscally Sponsored Artist Benita Raphan
January 5, 2016
NYFA Fiscally Sponsored Filmmaker Benita Raphan has created a podcast about filmmaker and three-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Alan Berliner. We spoke with her about her own upcoming projects, her relationship with Alan Berliner and her inspirations.

IAP Interview: Valentina Medda & Stephano Espinoza
December 18, 2015
We talked to Immigrant Artists Program mentor/mentee duo Valentina Medda and Stephan Espinoza about first arriving in the States from Italy and Ecuador. They also tell us how it is to be an immigrant and how they sometimes feel like an outsider in society. Valentina and Stephano share what they miss most from their home country and in what ways they have already adapted to the American culture.

Conversations: Sarah Dohrmann Interviews Catherine Lacey
December 16, 2015
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Sarah Dohrmann interviews 2012 Fellow Catherine Lacey. The two talk about writing fiction and nonfiction, Catherine's book Nobody Is Ever Missing, and receiving the fellowship. Catherine also tells us about the voice in her stories, life in a coop in New York, and her upcoming projects.

A Conversation with NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Rachel Sussman
December 14, 2015
We talked with NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Rachel Sussman about her successful project, The Oldest Living Things in the World. She continues to tell us about the importance of thinking long-term and her fascination with nature, science and outer space. Rachel has two highly interesting projects coming up in 2016.

Conversation with NYFA’s Media Specialist Matthew Seig
December 14, 2015
NYFA’s Media Specialist Matthew Seig tells us about his background in the film industry, his affiliation with NYFA and fiscal sponsorship. He also talks about the help he offers to emerging filmmakers here at NYFA and shares some great advice. Lastly, Matthew tells us about his guilty pleasure movies/series and shares his opinions on the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Conversation with Kimia Ferdowsi Kline
December 8, 2015
We spoke to Basil Alkazzi Artist-In-Residence Kimia Ferdowsi Kline about the characteristics of the residency program, which is in partnership of NYFA and Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. The visual artist highlights the differences of the artistic communities in Detroit and New York City. As part of the residency Kimia lived and worked on campus. She tells us about her experiences and explains how she combines her arts practice with curating exhibitions.

Conversation with Deborah Kass
December 4, 2015
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow and NYFA Hall of Fame Inductee Deborah Krass talks about her art practice, in which she responds to current events in the world. She also tells us about how she started out at an emerging artist in New York City and highlights the significance of being awarded a NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship. Lastly, Deborah shares which upcoming theater plays and events she is excited for.

Fellows at 30 / Fiscal Sponsorship: Theresa Ganz and Angelina Gualdoni
November 20, 2015
Theresa Ganz and Angelina Gualdoni are two members of the NYFA Fiscally Sponsored artist-run gallery Regina Rex. The two talk about the history and characteristics of the collective as well as life as working artists. They also explain the benefits of being Regina Rex being a fiscally sponsored organization and Angelina tells us about her both NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships ('08, '15)

Fellows at 30: Rudresh Mahanthappa
November 9, 2015
The release of NYFA Collection: Vol.2 being only a few days away we talked to the Indian-American musician and two-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Rudresh Mahanthappa about Jazz music, collaboration, and his current project, Bird Calls. He also tells us about fundraising and how his NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships and fiscal sponsorship have benefited his life.

Featured IAP Interview with Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer, NYC Council Member on The Cultural Immigrant Initiative
October 29, 2015
NYFA interviews New York City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer about the Cultural Immigrant Initiative, a program that provides cultural programming targeting immigrant groups throughout the five boroughs.

Fellows at 30: Carrie Hill
October 27, 2015
For the NYFA 30th anniversary interview series we talked to Carrie Hill, a fellow in Folk/Traditional Arts. The artist who waves baskets tells us about the tradition in her family to weave baskets and explains the work that goes into her art practice.

A Conversation with Fiscally Sponsored Artist Natalie Bookchin
October 22, 2015
Natalie Bookchin discusses her NYFA fiscally sponsored project Long Story Short and shares her thoughts and insights with us. She tells us about her creative process, being a listener and the characteristics of the internet as a platform for art. Lastly she happily shared some advice for emerging media makers.

Meet New NYFA Board Member: Carmelita Tropicana
October 13, 2015

NYFA board member and three-time fellow Carmelita Tropicana tells us about her history with NYFA as well as her motivation to join the organization's board. Tropicana also talks about the projects she is currently working on, and shares her advice for emerging artists.

Fellows at 30: Zoe Beloff
October 1, 2015
Introducing multi-disciplinary artist and two-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Zoe Beloff who talks about the evolution of computer arts within the past 20 years, her inspiration, and her audiences. She also shares background stories of recent projects, gives great advice to emerging multi-disciplinary artists, and tells us about some upcoming projects.

Conversations: Susan Karwoska Interviews Bill Cheng 
September 30, 2015
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow (Fiction '12) and Advisory Board Member Susan Karwoska interviews author Bill Cheng (Fellow in Fiction '15). Their conversation is about the importance of receiving a NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship, Cheng's book Southern Cross the Dog, and his passion for Blues music. Cheng also talks about his inspiration for his books and his education at CUNY.

IAP Alumni Spotlight: Tuo Wang
September 29, 2015 
Tuo Wang, an Immigrant Artist Program alumni originally from China, joins us to talk about his upcoming projects and his transition of wanting to pursue a career in biology to becoming an artist. He also explains why NYFA was a great source of support during his artistic career.

Featured Artist: Deborah Castillo
September 29, 2015 
For National Hispanic Heritage Month we are featuring Venezuelan artist Deborah Castillo who is interviewed by Katya Grokhovsky, her mentor at NYFA's Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. Castillo talks about her upcoming solo exhibition RAW and other upcoming projects. She also shares her story of immigrating to the U.S. and her life as an immigrant in New York City.

Meet New NYFA Board Member: Elia Alba 
September 25, 2015
Today, we are introducing our new board member and NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow (Crafts '01) Elia Alba. Alba shares some advice she has for emerging artists, talks about her own experiences of being a working artist, and explains what her current project The Supper Club is all about. Lastly, she tells us about her motivation to join NYFA's board.

Conversation: Wu Lan-Chiann’s World Through a Window
September 23, 2015
Wu Lan-Chiann is an ink painter originally from China. She joins us to talk about different sources of inspiration including her childhood, the importance of traveling, and the differences between studying arts in Taiwan and in the U.S. Lan-Chiann also introduces us to her upcoming projects and explains how NYFA's fiscal sponsorship has supported her career.

A Conversation with NYFA Fiscally Sponsored Artist Reggie Workman and Partner Francina Connors
September 17, 2015
Reggie Workman and his partner Francina Connors join us to discuss their NYFA fiscally sponsored project African American Legacy Project, their passion for music, and the impact NYFA's support had on their projects.

Fellows at 30: Interview with Pat Oleszko
September 15, 2015
As part of the 30th anniversary of our fellowshipprogram we talked to four-time fellow Pat Oleszko. She explains how the NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships she received throughout the years have impacted her life and her art practice. Oleszko also talks about her studio as well as current and upcoming projects.

Meet New NYFA Board Member: Dread Scott
September 3, 2015
Introducing NYFA's new board member Dread Scott, a three-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow ('01, '05, '12) and widely recognized artist. Scott talks about his reasons for joining the organization's board and his most recent project which about Louisiana's German Coast Uprising of 1811. Lastly he has some great advice for emerging artists on how to deal with the arts business.

IAP Spotlight: Priscila De Carvalho
August 28, 2015
Priscilla De Carvalho who is an alumna of NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program joins NYFA to talk about her permanent sculpture Bronx: Heart, Homeland, 2015. She talks about growing up in Brazil and what influenced her to become an artist. De Carvalho also shares advice for immigrant artists as well as her favorite aspects of living and creating in New York City.

A conversation with NYFA Fiscally Sponsored Artist Angel Lam
August 27, 2015
Fiscally sponsored composer, writer and educator Angel Lam talks about her practice and her passion for cross-disciplinary projects. Angel explains how she balances her career with her private life and that different kinds of art are a great source of inspiration for her. She also comments on the benefits of being a teaching artist, funding strategies, and the impact of NYFA fiscal sponsorship on her practice.

If Humans could fly: In Conversation with Akira Ikezoe
August 17, 2015
Akira Ikezoe explains the impact growing up in Japan during the 90's had on his relationship with nature and ultimately fueled the interest of morphing creatures with their familiar environments in his artwork. He also talks about his motivation to emigrate to New York City, the characteristics of his studio, and the help he received from NYFA. Ikezoe, who originally is a trained printmaker, is fiscally sponsored by NYFA for his animation project Hole.

Collectivity and Engagement: Panoply Performance Laboratory
August 12, 2015
Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle are collaborating on the fiscally sponsored project Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) where they organize a number of performative, relational and interactive projects. Here, the duo talks about collaborations and relationships with other artists, sources of creativity and their role of cultural workers and educators for young artists. NYFA's fiscal sponsorship program has assisted PPL in their collaborations with international artists.

Rica Takashima, Aliens and other Extraterrestrial Beings
August 10, 2015
Visual Artist Rica Takashima is the recent recipient of a NYFA Opportunity Grant and an alumna of NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Program. Here, she talks about the Manga culture and growing up in her hometown Tokyo, which combined with her experiences of being an immigrant artist in New York City has majorly influenced the fiscally sponsored project "Aliens in New York". Takashima discusses social issues, the difficulties of exhibiting artwork, and her participation in NYFA's projects.

Featured Interview from IAP Newsletter #71: Curating and organizing Archimedes' Bathtub
July 31, 2015
NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program participants Sophia Chizuko and Liene Bosquê have co-organized the exhibition "Archimedes' Bathtub" with the help of curator Julian A. Jimarez Howard. The three share their experiences and the difficulties they encountered when putting together the exhibition which features the work of 22 immigrant artists.

Spotlight from IAP Newsletter #71: Zahra Banyamerian
July 31, 2015
The immigrant artist Zahra Banyamerian learnt how to improve the presentation of her work with the help of NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program and workshops such as NYFA's Doctor's Hours. The artist who came
 to Boston from Iran to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston shares thoughts on her artwork, positive and negative aspects of being an immigrant artist, and her experience at The League Residency at Sparkhill, NY.

Documentary Filmmaking is not for Wimps
July 16, 2015
The fiscally sponsored documentary "Danny Says" by filmmaker Brendan Toller premiered earlier this year. Toller tells NYFA about creating Danny Says and its effect on the audience. He also points out difficulties young documentary filmmakers face and how organizations like NYFA can be used as a source of support.

Exploring Sculpture with Bundith Phunsombatlert
July 1, 2015
Bundith Phunsombatlert talks about his interdisciplinary and interactive project "Wayfinding: 100 NYC Public Sculptures", which is fiscally sponsored by NYFA. Phunsombatlert used his experiences of being an immigrant artist from Thailand in New York City to help others find public art scattered across the city. He explains the elaborate process of putting together this artwork and the importance of functionality in an artistic context. He also describes how various NYFA programs have been valuable to the production process.

Featured Interview from IAP Newsletter #70: Richard Batista
June 25, 2015
NYFA developer Richard Batista immigrated to the U.S. when he was four years old. He shares memories from his journey and the difficulties of growing up as an immigrant. Batista talks about his experiences of working with NYFA and the art of coding.

Pursuing his Calling: A Conversation with Fiscally Sponsored Artist Matt Wilson
June 10, 2015
Pre-med student turned clown Matt Wilson talks to NYFA about his fiscally sponsored solo performance "Clown Baggage" and the struggles of figuring out what he wanted to be growing up. Wilson also explains how these experiences have impacted his practices and what his biggest motivation is. Furthermore, he proudly shares his personal "Pursuit of the Ridiculous" and his opinion on NYFA's programs.

Interview with sponsored Artist Charles Battersby
June 3, 2015
Charles Battersby talks about his artwork and practice as a playwright majorly influenced by comic books and video games. He explains the elaborate production process of his play "Astonishing Adventures of All American Girl & The Scarlet Skunk" which is a NYFA fiscally sponsored project. Battersby continues to mention the benefits of being a NYFA fiscally sponsored artist and his passion for interdisciplinary creative work.

Featured Artist Collective: Colectiva 21
May 26, 2015
Colectiva 21 is an artist collective founded by participants of NYFA's first international Boot Camp program in Guatemala. Founding member Brenda Kanne joins NYFA to talk about the collective's story, mission as well as recent and upcoming projects.

Interview with NYFA Artist, Elise DuRant
April 29, 2015
Editor turned director and author Elise DuRant shares her experiences of working on her first own film project "Edén". She talks about her motivation to make this film, how different cultures and her experience of formerly being an editor have been great resources during the creative process and gives great advice for aspiring filmmakers. "Edén" is a NYFA fiscally sponsored project and was shown at film festivals around the world.

Featured Artists: Ezra Wube
April 24, 2015
Ezra Wube a mixed media artist originally from Ethiopia shares experiences about founding the "Addis Video Film Festival" in his hometown Addis Ababa. He talks about the Ethiopian art scene, being an immigrant artist and his participation in NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program.

A Conversation with Artist Michelle Jaffe
April 17, 2015
Michelle Jaffe joins NYFA to talk about her fiscally sponsored project Neural: Cleave - Like Alice. She explains her creative process of creating installations utilizing sculpture, sound and video as well as sharing her passion for art and new experiences. Jaffe has participated twice in NYFA's Fiscal Sponsorship Program and has been accepted into NYFA's Artist as Entrepreneur Boot Camp in 2010.

Featured Interview from IAP Newsletter: Sarah Dohrmann
March 16, 2015
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Sarah Dohrmann shares insights from her creative non fiction book "Point of Departure". As part of the research for this project she spent a lot of time in Morocco and in Paris. Doormann talks about her experiences, how she worked with the women in these areas, and the difficulties of coming back to New York. She also has quite a few tips for artists who are planning on traveling and are looking for funding opportunities.

Featured Organization: Flushing Town Hall
February 20, 2015
This month's NYFA Immigrant Artist Newsletter introduces Flushing Town Hall, a major cultural institution and multidisciplinary arts center located in the diverse immigrant community of Flushing, NY. Executive and Artistic Director Ellen Kodadek elaborates on their extensive celebrations to mark the Lunar New Year, community involvement, and support for artists.

Featured Interview with Christopher Hibma: Producing Director of the Theatre Program, Sundance Institute
January 22, 2015
Christopher Hibma, Producing Director of the Theatre Program at the Sundance Institute talked to NYFA about the fine art of relationship building, the Sundance Theatre Program's unique approach to new play development and their fourteen-year collaboration with artists in East Africa. Hibma also shares their plans to continue expanding their international network, and how NYFA artists can get connected.


Jan 2015 - Jan 2012        Back to Top

Spotlight on NYFA Doctor: Jason Maas
January 12, 2015

Introducing Jason Maas, one of our newest consultants for NYFA's popular project Doctor's Hours. Maas is an artist himself but also works as an art educator and is the founder of the Artist Volunteer Center. Here, he talks about how his activities as an arts administrator are influencing his artistic practice and vice versa.

Featured Organization: Chen Dance Center
December 18, 2014
NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program introduces the Chen Dance Center (CDC), the nation's largest Asian American performing arts institution located in Chinatown. The organization's Artistic Director H.T. Chen and the Associate Director Dian Dong talk about diversity in their company and the impact on the community in Chinatown. "South of Gold Mountain" is the title of CDC's current project, which is about the history of early Chinese migration to the southern states of the U.S..

Betsi Graves
December 18, 2014
Arts + Entrepreneurship = (Creativity)^2
Don't worry, this interview with Betsi Graves has nothing to do with math. The entrepreneur from Boston joins NYFA to talk about entrepreneurship in the arts business as part of the launch of NYFA's new Arts Business Incubator Program. Graves shares her insights on the professional dance scene in Boston and her motivation to found the contemporary dance company Urbanity Dance.

Special Report: idir Arts Collective, G.E.T. 1 (Group Ego Trip 1) at NYFA
November 25, 2014
Idir is an Irish-based arts collective and has recently had their first exhibition, Group Ego Trip I, at the NYFA Gallery in New York City. Four out of the 26 artists talked to NYFA about the process and difficulties of planning this event, the stories and ideas behind their artwork and the experiences of working abroad. They also shared great advice on working with a large group, the profile of a professional artist and producing art overseas.

Spotlight on NYFA Doctor: Hans Tammen
November 25, 2014
Introducing our new consultant Hans Tammen for NYFA's popular program Doctor's Hours. Tammen is the Deputy Director of Harvestworks Digital Media Art Center and a faculty member at the School for Visual Arts. He also shares some advice for artists navigating the art world.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 60
August 30, 2014
This month's NYFA Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter features three-time NYFA Fellow and two-time IAP mentor Denise Iris. Iris wrote a blog post on thought immigrant artists have. She refers to old blog posts and projects to tell us how her attitude towards being an immigrant from Romania has evolved over time. She continues to depict how this process has affected her art works and describes what she notices in IAP mentees

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 59
July 24, 2014
NYFA met with Christopher Mulé, the new Folk Art Director at the Brooklyn Arts Council. He talks about his background and his motivation to pursue a career in folk and traditional arts. Molé also shared his inspirations and thoughts on his recent appointment as Folk Arts Director.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 58
June 26, 2014
NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program newsletter introduces pianist Eunbi Kim. Kim tells us about her background and her motivation to pursue a pianist career. She also shares details of the creative process of her most recent project Murakami Music. Kim talks about entrepreneurship in the art world, challenges she had to face and gives great advice to other immigrant artists.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 57
May 29, 2014
Kristyna and Marek Milde talked to NYFA about the mission and activities of the Czech Center New York (CCNY) which promotes Czech art. They share the story of CCNY's upcoming exhibition at the Wave hill's Sunroom Project Space.Furthermore the two artists explain their collaborative process focussing on how each project influences and interacts with the other.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Diane Coburn Bruning
May 22, 2014 
NYFA talks to Diane Coburn Bruning about relaunching her dance company, Chamber Dance Project, their upcoming performance at the Kennedy Center, and her new film project.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 56
April 29, 2014
NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program has met Russell Martin, the administrator of the London-based organization Artquest. Martin explains the intention and mission of artquest by telling us about the program's history and several projects. He also shares his personal favorite resources for artists, his thoughts on the art scene in London and how he manages to balance his own arts practice and his job as an administrator. Lastly, he also has some great advice for artists wanting to go to London.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Janet Echelman
April 17, 2014
NYFA Fellow Janet Echelman talks to us about her impressive sculpture "Skies Painted With Unnumbered Sparks" which was created for the TED conference's 30th anniversary which was celebrated in Vancouver. She shares stories of difficulties she and her team encountered during the creation process. Furthermore, Echelman explains the sculpture's meaning and motivates struggling artists to believe in themselves and have patience.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 55
March 20, 2014
NYFA met with Rosemarie Fiore, a NYFA fellow and Immigrant Artist Program (IAP) mentor, to learn more about the role of being an IAP mentor, the connection she has to her mentees and the characteristics of the IAP community. Fiore also shares the most important piece of advice she gives to fellow immigrant artists and tells us about her most recent exhibition.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Ali Banisadr
March 14, 2014
NYFA talks to Ali Banisadr about his current solo exhibition Motherboard, him growing up in war-torn Iran and drawing during air raids. He also explains the encyclopedic nature of his work, his sources of inspiration, and tells us about his daily routine.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Michelle Handelman
February 20, 2014
Video fellow Michelle Handelman talks to NYFA about her current installation, Irma Vep, the last breath, living "undercover", and sources of inspiration. She also tells us about her childhood, her role of now being a professor, and her artistic process.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Jenny Offill
January 23, 2014
NYFA Fellow Jenny Offill talks to us about her novel Dept. of Speculation which will be published later this month. She continues to tell us about her writing process, the project she is currently working on, and unhinged narrators. As a NYFA Fellow Offill explains the importance of the fellowship for her career, and shares some great advice for emerging artists.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 53
January 17, 2014
In 2013 Grace Johng Lee, who is a writer of prose and poetry, has participated in NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program (IAP). Lee shares experiences of growing up in many different places around the world, being born stateless and alienation. Now, she lives and works in New York City and is happy to give advice to other immigrant artists. 

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 52
January 14, 2014
Introducing NYFA's Program Associate for Asian Affairs Judy Cai. This article highlights her impact on NYFA's projects, her background of growing up in China and some advice to other immigrant artist.

Meet A NYFA Artist: Katya Grokhovsky
September 18, 2013
We met with Katya Grokhovsky to discuss her interdisciplinary artwork, her first solo exhibition in New York City named Bodybeautiful, and her upcoming projects. She also talks about the benefits of having been a NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentee in 2012. Grokhovsky continues to share her own experiences as an immigrant artist and advice she has for fellow artists living and working in foreign countries and cultures.

Meet A NYFA Artist: Myra Melford
August 14, 2013
Three-time NYFA Fellow ('92, '98, '02) Myra Melford talks to us about her first solo piano album Life Carries Me This Way, her composition process, and important sources of inspiration. Melford also discusses her mixed media piece Language of Dreams and tells us about her current music favorites.

Meet A NYFA Artist: Michelle Stuart
July 23, 2013
NYFA Fellow (Painting '87) talks to us about her sources of inspiration and what influences her art work. She also discusses her work Scanning Sequence and tells us about her traveling solo exhibition Drawn from Nature which is currently in New York.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 47
July 19, 2013
This Immigrant Artist Program (IAP) Newsletter features an interview with the Spanish artist and two-time NYFA fellow José Carlos Casado. He talks about his art practice and his preference for working with technology. Casado shares his thoughts on his recent collaboration with Swatch and the appendant artist residency in Shanghai. Furthermore he has some great advice for fellow artists and talks about experiences of being an immigrant in the U.S.

Meet A NYFA Artist: Joan Silber
July 3, 2013
NYFA Fellow (Fiction '86) joins us to discuss her new book Fools, anarchists, and her creative process. She also talks about the books she is currently reading and shares some advice for young writers.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 46
June 20, 2013
NYFA met Marites L. Mendoza from The Wing Luke Museum, the only pan-Asian Pacific American museum in the U.S. to hear more about the institution's mission and values as well as opportunities to get involved. Mendoza informs us about upcoming events and tells us about the experiences many Pacific Asian Americans have when immigrating to the States. These stories are told in the permanent exhibition of the museum which is located in the historical Chinatown-International District in Seattle.

Meet A NYFA Artist: Denise Iris
June 12, 2013
Meet three-time NYFA Fellow (Video '98, '04, '10) Denise Iris. She joins us to talk about the evolution of her artistic practice, her creative process, and her experiences of being an immigrant from Romania in the U.S. feeling like an outsider. Iris also discusses her most recent project Minimentals which is a collection of ultra short films to rediscover the world. Furthermore, she tells us about her artistic inspiration, her participation in the LUMEN festival, and her upcoming projects.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 45
May 16, 2013
Ioan Florea, immigrant artist originally from Transylvania, donated over thousand paints, gels and sample sets to NYFA for artists impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The artist who is also the founder of C.A.S. Paints tells us how he balances his art practices and his work. He also shares stories about his childhood in the communist country and explains how his experiences of being an immigrant in the U.S. influences his art and especially his upcoming show. Lastly, he has some great advice for other immigrant artists.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Carol Golemboski
May 7, 2013
NYFA Fellow Carol Golemboski discusses her new interactive artist's book and photographic series Psychometry. She tells us about the advantages of publishing a digital book, working with new media, and the business aspect of this project. Golemboski also shares how she balances her personal life and her career, informs us about upcoming projects and tells us about the importance of her NYFA Fellowship to her career.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Deidre Schoo
April 17, 2013
NYFA met with Deidre Schoo to discuss her NYFA/Artspire fiscally sponsored project Flex is Kings. It is a documentary about the flex dance culture in Brooklyn. Deidre tells us about the filming process and her experience of working with the dancers.

Meet A NYFA Artist: Joseph Burwell
March 27, 2013
NYFA Fellow Joseph Burwell tells us how studying architecture and sculpture have influenced his artworks. He also explains his creative process and discusses his show, A survey of Nonexistence at a Glance. Burwell also mentions the importance of having lived in many different places to his painting.

Meet A NYFA Artist: Sabine Heinlein
March 6, 2013
NYFA Nonfiction Fellow Sabine Heinlein discusses her book, Among Murderers: Life After Prison, which tells the stories of three ex-convicts and their reentry into life. Sabine also talks about growing up in a small village in Germany and the impact her NYFA Fellowship had on her career and her life.

Meet A NYFA Artist: Margaret Inga Wiatrowski
February 13, 2013
We talked to NYFA Fellow Margaret Inga Wiatrowski about her trajectory as an artists, how her literature and communications studies have influenced her art, and the connection of drawing and photography. She also tells us about the importance of the financial support she receieved from NYFA espeicially since she lost most of her art and a great amount of supplies during hurricane Sandy.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Michael Waugh
January 23, 2013
NYFA Fellow Michael Waugh talked to us about his background in history and poetry, upcoming projects, and networking. He also explains the characteristics of Micrography, a technique used in his paintings, and tells us about his current exhibition at Winkelman Gallery. Michael also shares some advice for emerging artists and talks about the impact the NYFA Fellowship had on his career.

Meet A NYFA Artist: Roxa Smith
December 19, 2012
Recent NYFA Fellow Roxa Smith talks about her passion for art, growing up in Venezuela, and her ideal day. She also tells us about sources of inspiration, her studio and process, as well as her biggest obstacles as an artist. Lastly, Roxa shares some great advice for emerging artists and explains the impact her NYFA Fellowship had on her life and her career.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Sheila Callaghan
November 15, 2012
NYFA talks to Sheila Callaghan about her current and upcoming projects, sources of inspiration, and her favorite play. Sheila also speaks about theatre as a collaborative process and explains the importance of being awarded a NYFA Fellowship to her career.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 40
September 27, 2012
NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program met with Darcy Hector, Director of Marketing and Development at the Queens Botanical Garden (QBG) to talk about the recent collaboration between the QBG and the NYFA Folk Artist Development Program called The Gift of Wisdom. Hector also explains QBG's mission, how they cater to the immigrant and artist community in New York City and the importance of sustainability in an ecological and educational context.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 39
August 21, 2012
NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program met Jessica Kairé, one of the founders of El Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (NuMu), to find out about the motivation to establish Guatemala's first museum exclusively for contemporary art. The physical museum is located in a unique egg shaped building in a neighborhood of Guatemala City. Kairé talks about the reactions of the surrounding community as well as current and future exhibitions and projects. She also mentions the cultural exchange between artists from New York City and the ones represented by NuMu.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 38
July 24, 2012
Valeria Treves from the non-profit organization New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE) talks to NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program about the mission of the community-based organization. NICE supports newly arrived low wage undocumented immigrant Latino workers in Queens. Treves tells us about recent collaborations and programs as well as the importance of arts when conveying NICE's mission.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Joseph Keckler
July 23, 2012
NYFA spoke to Joseph Kleckler about his current project, his childhood, and his passion for performance art. Joseph also tells us about artists who have influenced his work, his favorite audiences, and his recent NYFA Fellowship.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Robert Attenweiler
June 19, 2012
The Playwriting/Screenwriting NYFA Fellow Robert Attenweiler informs us about his current and upcoming projects, and the characteristics of the TV series The Walking Dead. He also tells us about self-producing his work and working in different genres. Lastly Robert shares the benefits of being awarded a NYFA Fellowship in 2011.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 37
June 25, 2012
The west-African dancer and choreographer Michel Kouakou talks to NYFA about his motivation to become a professional dancer, the tradition of dancing in his home country of Côte d'Ivoire and his career. Kouakou has been awarded a NYFA fellowship in 2007 and now plans on helping artists in Africa by introducing a dance festival.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Mia Pearlman
May 30, 2012
We spoke to NYFA Fellow Mia Pearlman about her studio space, the connection between her background and her art work, and the message she wants to convey with her art. Mia also tells us what influences her work and explains her psychological and emotional relationship with her work. Lastly the artist shares some details about her pieces and talks about the characteristics of working site-specifically.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 36
May 21, 2012
The International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) is the largest international visual arts residency program in the U.S. and consists of a Residency Program, an Exhibition Program and a Participatory Program. ISCP talks to NYFA about their residency program, the selection process for future participants and upcoming initiatives. They also share insights on non-western residency programs which they gathered in their Residencies Talk Series with ArteEast.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Dawn Clements
May 3, 2012
NYFA Fellow Dawn Clements tells us about his current and upcoming projects, how he became a visual artist and how his childhood influences his arts practice. He also explains his interest in cinema and its interior spaces. Dawn continues to talk about his practice and his studio as well as the differences between drawing from real life or drawing from film. Lastly he shares some extensive advice for emerging artists.

Con Edison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Issue No. 35
April 19, 2012
The Mexican mixed media artist Claudia Peña Salinas has been interviewed as part of NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program. She talks about her immigration to the U.S. and how the arts helped her to deal with problems while growing up in Chicago. Claudia also shares her thoughts on her projects, gallery exhibitions and the differences between the art scene in New York City and in Mexico.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Ranbir Sidhu
April 5, 2012
We talked to NYFA Fellow Ranbir Sidhu about his upcoming trip to the Mojave Desert and his favorite places on earth. He also tells us about finding his passion for fiction and his motivation to keep writing.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Chin Chih Yang
April 5, 2012
NYFA Fellow Chin Chih Yang tells us about his current and upcoming projects, catastrophes and traumatization, and his connection to nature. He also talks about spaces to exhibit his works, his process, and his work space. Chin Chih shares the challenges he faces and explains how the NYFA Fellowship in 2008 has helped his career.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Adam Fowler
March 14, 2012
NYFA Fellow Adam Fowler informs us about current and upcoming projects, his work space, and things that influence him. The artist also shares details about his work, childhood and process. Lastly, he tells us how the NYFA Fellowship has benefited him and his career.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Honor Molloy
February 21, 2012
NYFA talks to two-time fellow Honor Molloy her project Smarty Girl, her new audio book, and her collaboration with Susan McKeown. She also tells us about her work space and shares what she used the grant money from her NYFA Fellowships for.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint (EcoArtTech)
January 20, 2012
Eco-art/theory collaborative members and NYFA Fellows Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint talk to us about their interest in nature, their app Intermediate Hikes+, and networks. They also share how it is for them to work together, the variety of their projects, and their sources of inspiration. Lastly they explain how the NYFA Fellowship has benefited them.


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Meet a NYFA Artist: Joe Brittain
December 22, 2011
NYFA Fellow Joe Brittain talks to us about his upcoming project at Regina Rex Gallery in Brooklyn, his practice, and the materials he likes to use for his sculptures. Joe also tells us about his process, inspirations, and his career.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Ken Schles
December 1, 2011
NYFA talks to Ken Schles about his current project, a photo book name Opulus and his interest in photography. Ken also tells us about the impact the NYFA Fellowship had on his career and explains what it means to be a fellow. Lastly, he shares his thoughts on influences and obsessions.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Ari Banias
November 9, 2011
Poet Ari Banias is a fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center and will be working on writing a full-length collection of poems during his time in Cape Cod. He tells us about his biggest influences at the moment, his writing process and shares how it was to be awarded with a NYFA Fellowship.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Cara Benson
October 18, 2011
Cara Benson tells us about her book Funny.Considering How Heated It Was and about her current project Speak. She shares that is influenced by political theorist Jodi Dean and neuroscience. Cara also talks about the NYFA Fellowship, her writing studio as well as participating in collectives and connecting poetry with performance.

Special Features: Dread Scott
October 7, 2011
We filmed Dread in the Gowanus studio he shares with his wife, the artist Jenny Polak, and in and around their Fort Greene home. He spoke energetically and self-knowingly about his artistic and political awakening, body of work, and audience, asserting an urgent desire to engage people in museums and on city streets.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Penelope Umbrico
August 2, 2011
Photographer Penelope Umbrico tells us about collective practice, her interest in photography and how being awarded two NYFA Fellowships has supported her career.

Special Features:Thomas Nozkowski
June 29, 2011
We filmed Thomas Nozkowski in his home, roughly 90 miles north of Manhattan, where he has lived and worked with his wife, the sculptor Joyce Robbins, for 30 years. Thomas talked to us about the thrill he finds in investing a single edge with tension and power, and about the kinship he feels with artists across time.

Meet a NYFA Artist: Chris Gallego
June 21, 2011
We talked to NYFA Fellow Chris Gallego about his current projects, this style of painting and his influences. He also explains his connection with the viewers of his paintings, shares his personal goals and tells us about his studio outside of the city.

Conversations...With Richard Marriott
June 6, 2011

Special Features: John Yau
May 26, 2011

Conversations: Manhee Bak
May 26, 2011

Meet a NYFA artist: JP Chan
May 20, 2011

Meet a NYFA Artist: Alexandra Pacula
April 30, 2011

Special Features: Kalup Linzy
April 27, 2011

Conversations: Frederic Tuten
April 27, 2011

Meet a NYFA Artist: Abby Robison
March 25, 2011

Meet a NYFA Artist: Sandra Archer Morris Bell
March 10, 2011

Special Features: Vito Acconci
February 24, 2011

Meet a NYFA Artist: Shimon Attie
February 2, 2011

Meet a NYFA Artist: Matthew Fisher
January 16, 2011

Meet a NYFA Artist: Theresa Bloise
December 22, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Virginia Creighton
November 18, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Daniel Furman
October 1, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Sean Flanagan
September 6, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Ellen Wallenstein
August 14, 2010

Conversations: Nao Bustamante
July 28, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Anne DeAcetis
July 23, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Candido Tirado
June 28, 2010

Conversations: Chico MacMurtrie
May 26, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Roxanne Butterfly
May 19, 2010

Conversations: Dana Frankfort & Wendy White 
April 28, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Andrea Arroyo
April 26, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Laura Kahle
March 10, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Takayo Seto
February 16, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Shaun Irons and Lauren Petty
January 25, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Saar Harari
January 7, 2010

Meet a NYFA Artist: Kwabena Slaughter
December 17, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Ela Thier
November 19, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Zoje Stage
October 26, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Brett Snyder
October 1, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Andy Teirstein
September 10, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Von Babasin
August 14, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Cybele Clark-Mendes
July 23, 2009

Conversations:Ted Hope
June 24, 2009

Conversations: Jackie Battenfield
June 24, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Ari Zev Weider
June 10, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Gabriel Barcia-ColoFmbo
May 18, 2009

Conversations: Clarinda Mac Low
April 29, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Claire Watson
April 28, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Mala Iqbal
April 14, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Ed Marion
March 27, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Anita Glesta
March 12, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: John Menick
February 24, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Meredith Cole
January 27, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Kate Teale
January 6, 2009

Meet a NYFA Artist: Christopher Kurtz
December 15, 2008

Conversations: Jenny Dubnau
December 2, 2008

Meet a NYFA Artist: Corey J. Willis
November 25, 2008

Meet a NYFA Artist: Anselm Berrigan
November 10, 2008

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October 29, 2008

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September 24, 2008

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July 30, 2008

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June 20, 2007

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May 28, 2008

Special Features: Artists on their Work in the 2008 Whitney Biennial 
March 5, 2008

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February 6, 2008

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November 21, 2007

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June 6, 2007

Conversations: Winter Music
January 31, 2007 

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September 13, 2006

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January 20, 2006

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November 8, 2006

Conversations: Dave Barton
July 13, 2005

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June 1, 2005

Conversations: Aleksandra Mir
January 19, 2005

Conversations: Michael Rakowitz
January 14, 2005

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