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August 15, 2017
Interview | The Story of “A Place to Disappear,” a Conversation with Pablo Lerma
Pablo Lerma, an alumnus of the IAP Mentoring Program and of the Artist as Entrepreneur Boot Camp, is a visual artist and researcher based in New York. He talked to us about his artistic practice and his photobook A Place to Disappear

July 20, 2017
Recap | Notes from the Performing Arts Panel in Spanish
On June 13, a group of performing arts professionals gathered at The King Juan Carlos I of Spain for a panel discussion in Spanish. Great insider advice was given regarding opportunities as well as common challenges that exist for Spanish-speaking artists and arts organizations in New York.

June 30,2017
Interview | Japanese Artist and Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program Alumna Sophia Chizuco
Japanese artist Sophia Chizuco talks about her experience participating as a mentee and then as a mentor of the Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program for Visual Artists.

June 28, 2017
Conversations | Meet ABI Business Caribbean Film Academy
Caribbean Film Academy is part of NYFA Arts Business Incubator's inaugural cohort and part of NYFA's Fiscal Sponsorship program. We spoke with the non-profit organization about how they're supporting Caribbean filmmaking and filmmakers, where they're looking to take their business in the future, and how NYFA resources are helping them get there.

Conversations | Svea Schneider, Founder of INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival in Long Island City
It's the inaugural year of NYFA Fiscally Sponsored project INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival. We sat down with Festival Founder Svea Schneider to learn about her background in dance and what prompted her to establish this two-day, community-driven celebration.

June 21, 2017
Interview | Svea Schneider, Founder of INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival in Long Island City
It's the inaugural year of NYFA Fiscally Sponsored project INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival. We sat down with Festival Founder Svea Schneider to learn about her background in dance and what prompted her to establish this two-day, community-driven celebration.

June 13, 2017
Interview | Laura Naylor, Director of Fiscially-Sponsored Project "Bartleby"
Laura Naylor, co-director of the Fiscally-Sponsored stop motion film Bartleby, gives us the scoop on the film that's sweeping the festival circuit.

May 30, 2017
Interview | Marco Scozzaro, Italian Photographer & IAP Alumnus
Italian artist and an editorial and commercial photographer, Marco Scozzaro tries to blur the lines between artistic photography and editorial/commercial photography. 

May 15, 2017
'Writing On It All' Returns to Governor's Island: An Interview with its Makers
Artistic Director Alexandra Chasin and the team behind Writing On It All's programming discuss the participatory and inclusive writing project and why they chose NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship.

May 4, 2017
Erin Joyce's "My Country Tis of Thy People, You're Dying"
Independent Curator Erin Joyce (Sponsored Project) and the founders of Radiator Gallery, Tamas Veszi and Daniela Kostova, discuss the exhibition, My Country Tis of Thy People, You're Dying, and the role of NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship in securing funding for the show.

May 1, 2017
IAP Interview: Leeza Ahmady, Director of Asia Contemporary Art Week, ACAW
Born and raised in Afghanistan, Leeza Ahmady is a New York-based independent curator and the director of Asia Contemporary Art Week, ACAW, a dynamic platform that brings together leading New York and Asian-based art institutions.  

March 31, 2017
IAP Interview: Tamas Veszi, Hungarian Artist and Founder of RadiatorArts
Hungarian artist Tamas Veszi talks about RadiatorArts, a space that seeks to promote debates and invigorate cooperativeness around the arts.

Meet ABI Business Blck Prism
March 17, 2017
Blck Prism is a re-imagined gallery space focused on empowering Black art through digital means. We caught up with founders Andre and Tanayia Woolery to learn more about Blck Prism and their experience in NYFA’s Art Business Incubator Program.

Fiscal Sponsorship / Fellows at 30: Karen Marshall
March 8, 2017
We discuss the New York photographer's documentary work and practice, including her 30-year Between Girls: A Passage to Womanhood project.

IAP Interview: Catherine Yu, Artist and Director of Public Programs at the Asian American Arts Alliance
March 2, 2017
The playwright talked about the importance of collaboration, and her award-winning plays.

Meet New NYFA Board Member: Young Yang Chung
February 29, 2017
Join us in welcoming new Board Member Young Yang Chung to NYFA. Chung is a textile historian and embroiderer who fosters appreciation of an art form often stigmatized as "women's work."

IAP Interview: Monika Wührer, Artist and Director of Open Source Gallery
December 19, 2016
IAP Newsletter interviews Monika Wührer, who has built an extraordinary community in Brooklyn around Open Source Gallery.

IAP Interview: Alicia Ehni, Artist and New Editor of the Immigrant Artist Newsletter
December 1, 2016
Join us in welcoming Alicia and get to know a little bit more about her own experience as an immigrant artist.

Interview with Leigh Stein & NYFA at BinderCon NYC 2016
October 25, 2016
We spoke to Leigh Stein, Executive Director of Out of the Binders, about gender equity in publishing, building community among writers, and anti-procrastination strategies.

In this interview, Mary Mattingly (Fellow in Sculpture ‘11) talks about sustainable food systems and NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship.

IAP Interview: Daniel Gallant, Executive Director of Nuyorican Poets Cafe
September 30, 2016
Priscilla Son of IAP recently met with Nuyorican Poets Cafe’s Executive Director, Daniel Gallant, to discuss the organization’s 43-year history, its mission and trajectory, as well as performance opportunities available at the Cafe for our immigrant artist readers.

Fellows at 30 / Fiscal Sponsorship: Andres Serrano
September 23, 2016
We talked to NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Andres Serrano (Photography '87) about his latest book, Salvation: The Holy Land (Sponsored Project), as well as how to deal with controversy and his appreciation for NYFA support.

Kathleen Foster's PROFILED Screening at Brooklyn Museum's Target First Saturdays
Septmber 20, 2016
Kathleen Foster spoke to us about her latest film PROFILED, a fiscally sponsored project.

IAP Interview: Terence Trouillot with artist Joana P. Cardozo
August 25, 2016
Terence Trouillot and Joana P. Cardozo recently met as participants of the 2016 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. In an email interview, Terence asked Joana about her upcoming project, The Future Perfect, an exhibition she co-curated with fellow artists and curators.

Fellows at 30: Michael Ferris Jr.
July 7, 2016
We talked to NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Michael Ferris Jr. (Sculpture ‘09) about art in non-traditional spaces, his family history's influence on his work, and his time on NYFA's Artist Advisory Committee.

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Slider images: Mary Mattingly (Fellow in Crafts-Sculpture '11), Inflatable Home; Joana P. Cardozo (IAP '16), Blueprint 12 Eunbi; Michael Ferris Jr (Fellow in Sculpture '09), Photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com, 2016