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Conversations: Danica Novgorodoff Interviews Deanna Fei
April 15, 2016
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Danica Novgorodoff (Fiction ‘15) interviews author and NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Deanna Fei (Fiction ‘06). The two discuss the themes of Fei's memoir, Girl in Glass, such as parenting, writing from personal experience, and medical privacy. 

Fellows at 30: Moon Molson
April 8, 2016
We talked to two-timeNYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow in Video/Film, Moon Molson. Molson tells us about the challenges faced by female filmmakers and filmmakers of color in Hollywood, and shares how NYFA can continue to support these artists.

Helène Aylon & Feminism: A Fiscally Sponsored Artist Reflects
March 30, 2016
NYFA interviews two-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Helène Aylon, who shares her thoughts on Feminism, the current landscape for female emerging artists, and her fiscally sponsored The G-D Project.

IAP Interview: Marcus B. Burke, Senior Curator at the Hispanic Society of America
March 30, 2016
In this interview, originally featured in the ConEdison Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter, Marcus B. Burke shares memorable moments from his tenure at the Hispanic Society of America and dicusses the organization's resources for immigrant artists.

IAP Interview: Eva Davidova and Haisi Hu
February 22, 2016
IAP mentor and mentee pair Haisi Hu and Eva Davidova have already been featured in a New York Times article and took the time to talk to NYFA about the life of an immigrant artist in New York. They tell us about their first impressions of the city, how being an immigrant has influenced their practice and share the things they miss about their home countries.

IAP Archive: Ezra Wube
January 28, 2016
In 2015, IAP Alumnus Ezra Wube has told us about about founding the "Addis Video Film Festival" in his hometown Addis Ababa.Now after a successful launch, we reached out to Ezra to see what he had learned.

The Gift of Time: Alan Berliner and His Process - Part IV
January 26, 2016
In this fourth podcast about filmmaker and three-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Alan Berliner he talks about his passion for 16 mm Motion Picture Film. The series of podcasts is created by NYFA Fiscally Sponsored Filmmaker Benita Raphan.

IAP Interview: Yevgeniya Baras
January 26, 2016
Yevgeniya Baras is a contemporary painter and co-founder of the Regina Rex Gallery on the Lower East Side. NYFA visited her studio at the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program to find out how she balances her business with her artistic practice, how artists get noticed, and how her immigrant experience influences her work.

Meet New NYFA Board Member: Mary Lang
January 11, 2016
NYFA Board member Mary Lang tells us about herself, her aspirations as a NYFA board member, and her favorite artists.

Fellows at 30: Noémie Lafrance
January 7, 2016
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow and choreographer Noémie Lafrance talks to us about connecting dance with places and creating site-specific performances. The choreography fellow also tells us about taking time to reflect on things, nonprofit organizations for the arts and changes in the industry that are due to the technological advancements.

Conversation with Fiscally Sponsored Artist Benita Raphan
January 5, 2016
NYFA Fiscally Sponsored Filmmaker Benita Raphan has created a podcast about filmmaker and three-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Alan Berliner. We spoke with her about her own upcoming projects, her relationship with Alan Berliner and her inspirations.

IAP Interview: Valentina Medda & Stephano Espinoza
December 18, 2015
We talked to Immigrant Artists Program mentor/mentee duo Valentina Medda and Stephan Espinoza about first arriving in the States from Italy and Ecuador. They also tell us how it is to be an immigrant and how they sometimes feel like an outsider in society. Valentina and Stephano share what they miss most from their home country and in what ways they have already adapted to the American culture.

Conversations: Sarah Dohrmann Interviews Catherine Lacey
December 16, 2015
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Sarah Dohrmann interviews 2012 Fellow Catherine Lacey. The two talk about writing fiction and nonfiction, Catherine's book Nobody Is Ever Missing, and receiving the fellowship. Catherine also tells us about the voice in her stories, life in a coop in New York, and her upcoming projects.

A Conversation with NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Rachel Sussman
December 14, 2015
We talked with NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Rachel Sussman about her successful project, The Oldest Living Things in the World. She continues to tell us about the importance of thinking long-term and her fascination with nature, science and outer space. Rachel has two highly interesting projects coming up in 2016.

Conversation with NYFA’s Media Specialist Matthew Seig
December 14, 2015
NYFA’s Media Specialist Matthew Seig tells us about his background in the film industry, his affiliation with NYFA and fiscal sponsorship. He also talks about the help he offers to emerging filmmakers here at NYFA and shares some great advice. Lastly, Matthew tells us about his guilty pleasure movies/series and shares his opinions on the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Conversation with Kimia Ferdowsi Kline
December 8, 2015
We spoke to Basil Alkazzi Artist-In-Residence Kimia Ferdowsi Kline about the characteristics of the residency program, which is in partnership of NYFA and Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. The visual artist highlights the differences of the artistic communities in Detroit and New York City. As part of the residency Kimia lived and worked on campus. She tells us about her experiences and explains how she combines her arts practice with curating exhibitions.

Conversation with Deborah Kass
December 4, 2015
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow and NYFA Hall of Fame Inductee Deborah Krass talks about her art practice, in which she responds to current events in the world. She also tells us about how she started out at an emerging artist in New York City and highlights the significance of being awarded a NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship. Lastly, Deborah shares which upcoming theater plays and events she is excited for.

Fellows at 30 / Fiscal Sponsorship: Theresa Ganz and Angelina Gualdoni
November 20, 2015
Theresa Ganz and Angelina Gualdoni are two members of the NYFA Fiscally Sponsored artist-run gallery Regina Rex. The two talk about the history and characteristics of the collective as well as life as working artists. They also explain the benefits of being Regina Rex being a fiscally sponsored organization and Angelina tells us about her both NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships ('08, '15)

Fellows at 30: Rudresh Mahanthappa
November 9, 2015
The release of NYFA Collection: Vol.2 being only a few days away we talked to the Indian-American musician and two-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Rudresh Mahanthappa about Jazz music, collaboration, and his current project, Bird Calls. He also tells us about fundraising and how his NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships and fiscal sponsorship have benefited his life.

Featured IAP Interview with Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer, NYC Council Member on The Cultural Immigrant Initiative
October 29, 2015
NYFA interviews New York City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer about the Cultural Immigrant Initiative, a program that provides cultural programming targeting immigrant groups throughout the five boroughs.

Fellows at 30: Carrie Hill
October 27, 2015
For the NYFA 30th anniversary interview series we talked to Carrie Hill, a fellow in Folk/Traditional Arts. The artist who waves baskets tells us about the tradition in her family to weave baskets and explains the work that goes into her art practice.

A Conversation with Fiscally Sponsored Artist Natalie Bookchin
October 22, 2015
Natalie Bookchin discusses her NYFA fiscally sponsored project Long Story Short and shares her thoughts and insights with us. She tells us about her creative process, being a listener and the characteristics of the internet as a platform for art. Lastly she happily shared some advice for emerging media makers.

Meet New NYFA Board Member: Carmelita Tropicana
October 13, 2015

NYFA board member and three-time fellow Carmelita Tropicana tells us about her history with NYFA as well as her motivation to join the organization's board. Tropicana also talks about the projects she is currently working on, and shares her advice for emerging artists.

Fellows at 30: Zoe Beloff
October 1, 2015
Introducing multi-disciplinary artist and two-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Zoe Beloff who talks about the evolution of computer arts within the past 20 years, her inspiration, and her audiences. She also shares background stories of recent projects, gives great advice to emerging multi-disciplinary artists, and tells us about some upcoming projects.

Conversations: Susan Karwoska Interviews Bill Cheng 
September 30, 2015
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow (Fiction '12) and Advisory Board Member Susan Karwoska interviews author Bill Cheng (Fellow in Fiction '15). Their conversation is about the importance of receiving a NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship, Cheng's book Southern Cross the Dog, and his passion for Blues music. Cheng also talks about his inspiration for his books and his education at CUNY.

IAP Alumni Spotlight: Tuo Wang
September 29, 2015 
Tuo Wang, an Immigrant Artist Program alumni originally from China, joins us to talk about his upcoming projects and his transition of wanting to pursue a career in biology to becoming an artist. He also explains why NYFA was a great source of support during his artistic career.

Featured Artist: Deborah Castillo
September 29, 2015 
For National Hispanic Heritage Month we are featuring Venezuelan artist Deborah Castillo who is interviewed by Katya Grokhovsky, her mentor at NYFA's Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. Castillo talks about her upcoming solo exhibition RAW and other upcoming projects. She also shares her story of immigrating to the U.S. and her life as an immigrant in New York City.

Meet New NYFA Board Member: Elia Alba 
September 25, 2015
Today, we are introducing our new board member and NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow (Crafts '01) Elia Alba. Alba shares some advice she has for emerging artists, talks about her own experiences of being a working artist, and explains what her current project The Supper Club is all about. Lastly, she tells us about her motivation to join NYFA's board.

Conversation: Wu Lan-Chiann’s World Through a Window
September 23, 2015
Wu Lan-Chiann is an ink painter originally from China. She joins us to talk about different sources of inspiration including her childhood, the importance of traveling, and the differences between studying arts in Taiwan and in the U.S. Lan-Chiann also introduces us to her upcoming projects and explains how NYFA's fiscal sponsorship has supported her career.

A Conversation with NYFA Fiscally Sponsored Artist Reggie Workman and Partner Francina Connors
September 17, 2015
Reggie Workman and his partner Francina Connors join us to discuss their NYFA fiscally sponsored project African American Legacy Project, their passion for music, and the impact NYFA's support had on their projects.

Fellows at 30: Interview with Pat Oleszko
September 15, 2015
As part of the 30th anniversary of our fellowshipprogram we talked to four-time fellow Pat Oleszko. She explains how the NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships she received throughout the years have impacted her life and her art practice. Oleszko also talks about her studio as well as current and upcoming projects.

Meet New NYFA Board Member: Dread Scott
September 3, 2015
Introducing NYFA's new board member Dread Scott, a three-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow ('01, '05, '12) and widely recognized artist. Scott talks about his reasons for joining the organization's board and his most recent project which about Louisiana's German Coast Uprising of 1811. Lastly he has some great advice for emerging artists on how to deal with the arts business.

IAP Spotlight: Priscila De Carvalho
August 28, 2015
Priscilla De Carvalho who is an alumna of NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program joins NYFA to talk about her permanent sculpture Bronx: Heart, Homeland, 2015. She talks about growing up in Brazil and what influenced her to become an artist. De Carvalho also shares advice for immigrant artists as well as her favorite aspects of living and creating in New York City.

A conversation with NYFA Fiscally Sponsored Artist Angel Lam
August 27, 2015
Fiscally sponsored composer, writer and educator Angel Lam talks about her practice and her passion for cross-disciplinary projects. Angel explains how she balances her career with her private life and that different kinds of art are a great source of inspiration for her. She also comments on the benefits of being a teaching artist, funding strategies, and the impact of NYFA fiscal sponsorship on her practice.

If Humans could fly: In Conversation with Akira Ikezoe
August 17, 2015
Akira Ikezoe explains the impact growing up in Japan during the 90's had on his relationship with nature and ultimately fueled the interest of morphing creatures with their familiar environments in his artwork. He also talks about his motivation to emigrate to New York City, the characteristics of his studio, and the help he received from NYFA. Ikezoe, who originally is a trained printmaker, is fiscally sponsored by NYFA for his animation project Hole.

Collectivity and Engagement: Panoply Performance Laboratory
August 12, 2015
Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle are collaborating on the fiscally sponsored project Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) where they organize a number of performative, relational and interactive projects. Here, the duo talks about collaborations and relationships with other artists, sources of creativity and their role of cultural workers and educators for young artists. NYFA's fiscal sponsorship program has assisted PPL in their collaborations with international artists.

Rica Takashima, Aliens and other Extraterrestrial Beings
August 10, 2015
Visual Artist Rica Takashima is the recent recipient of a NYFA Opportunity Grant and an alumna of NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Program. Here, she talks about the Manga culture and growing up in her hometown Tokyo, which combined with her experiences of being an immigrant artist in New York City has majorly influenced the fiscally sponsored project "Aliens in New York". Takashima discusses social issues, the difficulties of exhibiting artwork, and her participation in NYFA's projects.

Featured Interview from IAP Newsletter #71: Curating and organizing Archimedes' Bathtub
July 31, 2015
NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program participants Sophia Chizuko and Liene Bosquê have co-organized the exhibition "Archimedes' Bathtub" with the help of curator Julian A. Jimarez Howard. The three share their experiences and the difficulties they encountered when putting together the exhibition which features the work of 22 immigrant artists.

Spotlight from IAP Newsletter #71: Zahra Banyamerian
July 31, 2015
The immigrant artist Zahra Banyamerian learnt how to improve the presentation of her work with the help of NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program and workshops such as NYFA's Doctor's Hours. The artist who came
 to Boston from Iran to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston shares thoughts on her artwork, positive and negative aspects of being an immigrant artist, and her experience at The League Residency at Sparkhill, NY.

Documentary Filmmaking is not for Wimps
July 16, 2015
The fiscally sponsored documentary "Danny Says" by filmmaker Brendan Toller premiered earlier this year. Toller tells NYFA about creating Danny Says and its effect on the audience. He also points out difficulties young documentary filmmakers face and how organizations like NYFA can be used as a source of support.

Exploring Sculpture with Bundith Phunsombatlert
July 1, 2015
Bundith Phunsombatlert talks about his interdisciplinary and interactive project "Wayfinding: 100 NYC Public Sculptures", which is fiscally sponsored by NYFA. Phunsombatlert used his experiences of being an immigrant artist from Thailand in New York City to help others find public art scattered across the city. He explains the elaborate process of putting together this artwork and the importance of functionality in an artistic context. He also describes how various NYFA programs have been valuable to the production process.

Featured Interview from IAP Newsletter #70: Richard Batista
June 25, 2015
NYFA developer Richard Batista immigrated to the U.S. when he was four years old. He shares memories from his journey and the difficulties of growing up as an immigrant. Batista talks about his experiences of working with NYFA and the art of coding.

Pursuing his Calling: A Conversation with Fiscally Sponsored Artist Matt Wilson
June 10, 2015
Pre-med student turned clown Matt Wilson talks to NYFA about his fiscally sponsored solo performance "Clown Baggage" and the struggles of figuring out what he wanted to be growing up. Wilson also explains how these experiences have impacted his practices and what his biggest motivation is. Furthermore, he proudly shares his personal "Pursuit of the Ridiculous" and his opinion on NYFA's programs.

Interview with sponsored Artist Charles Battersby
June 3, 2015
Charles Battersby talks about his artwork and practice as a playwright majorly influenced by comic books and video games. He explains the elaborate production process of his play "Astonishing Adventures of All American Girl & The Scarlet Skunk" which is a NYFA fiscally sponsored project. Battersby continues to mention the benefits of being a NYFA fiscally sponsored artist and his passion for interdisciplinary creative work.

Featured Artist Collective: Colectiva 21
May 26, 2015
Colectiva 21 is an artist collective founded by participants of NYFA's first international Boot Camp program in Guatemala. Founding member Brenda Kanne joins NYFA to talk about the collective's story, mission as well as recent and upcoming projects.

Interview with NYFA Artist, Elise DuRant
April 29, 2015
Editor turned director and author Elise DuRant shares her experiences of working on her first own film project "Edén". She talks about her motivation to make this film, how different cultures and her experience of formerly being an editor have been great resources during the creative process and gives great advice for aspiring filmmakers. "Edén" is a NYFA fiscally sponsored project and was shown at film festivals around the world.

Featured Artists: Ezra Wube
April 24, 2015
Ezra Wube a mixed media artist originally from Ethiopia shares experiences about founding the "Addis Video Film Festival" in his hometown Addis Ababa. He talks about the Ethiopian art scene, being an immigrant artist and his participation in NYFA's Immigrant Artist Program.

A Conversation with Artist Michelle Jaffe
April 17, 2015
Michelle Jaffe joins NYFA to talk about her fiscally sponsored project Neural: Cleave - Like Alice. She explains her creative process of creating installations utilizing sculpture, sound and video as well as sharing her passion for art and new experiences. Jaffe has participated twice in NYFA's Fiscal Sponsorship Program and has been accepted into NYFA's Artist as Entrepreneur Boot Camp in 2010.

Featured Interview from IAP Newsletter: Sarah Dohrmann
March 16, 2015
NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Sarah Dohrmann shares insights from her creative non fiction book "Point of Departure". As part of the research for this project she spent a lot of time in Morocco and in Paris. Doormann talks about her experiences, how she worked with the women in these areas, and the difficulties of coming back to New York. She also has quite a few tips for artists who are planning on traveling and are looking for funding opportunities.

Featured Organization: Flushing Town Hall
February 20, 2015
This month's NYFA Immigrant Artist Newsletter introduces Flushing Town Hall, a major cultural institution and multidisciplinary arts center located in the diverse immigrant community of Flushing, NY. Executive and Artistic Director Ellen Kodadek elaborates on their extensive celebrations to mark the Lunar New Year, community involvement, and support for artists.

Featured Interview with Christopher Hibma: Producing Director of the Theatre Program, Sundance Institute
January 22, 2015
Christopher Hibma, Producing Director of the Theatre Program at the Sundance Institute talked to NYFA about the fine art of relationship building, the Sundance Theatre Program's unique approach to new play development and their fourteen-year collaboration with artists in East Africa. Hibma also shares their plans to continue expanding their international network, and how NYFA artists can get connected.


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Slider images: Moon Molson (Fellow in Film/Video ‘15), The Bravest, The Boldest; Eva Davidova (IAP '15), Pirdop; Dread Scott (Fellow in Sculpture '01); Carrie Hill (Fellow in Folk/Traditional Arts '15), TieDye