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Doctor's Hours

Photograph of NYFA Doctor's Hours Program

Doctor's Hours sessions are held regularly at NYFA's offices in Brooklyn.

Doctor’s Hours offers artists an opportunity for one-on-one consultations with a range of industry professionals in their creative field. Artists can receive practical and professional advice in person from one or more arts professionals, serving approximately 400 artists each year. The programming is offered in a variety of artistic disciplines and is expanding to multilingual sessions including ones in Spanish and Mandarin. In association with the New York State Bar Association, NYFA conducts pro-bono clinics on occasion. In addition, Distance Consultations over Skype are available for artists located outside the both New York Metro Area and abroad.


Live outside the New York metro area or abroad and interested in our Doctor’s Hours program? Distance Consultations provide artists with 30-minute, one-on-one appointments via Skype with experienced Doctor’s Hours consultants. The sessions provide an opportunity for practical advice and feedback on presentation of your work, your website, or an upcoming application. Each appointment is $50 USD.


Check NYFA Current for future Doctor's Hours sessions.


For more information, email clearning@nyfa.org