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The Art of the Application | Work Samples: Digital Images and PDF Manuscrpts
November 13, 2018
Polished and compelling Work Samples are key to a competitve application. This article shares tips for preparing imaged-based and manuscript Work Samples.

The Art of the Application | The Excerpt Explanation & Technical Statement
October 26, 2018
This article provides clarification on what the Excerpt Explanation is and provides pointers on what to include in a Technical Statement for a NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship application.

The Art of the Application | Work Statements and Cultural Statements
October 9, 2018
The NYFA Grants team shared tips for writing a Work Statement and guidance in helping you decide if you should include a Cultural Statement in your NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship application.

The Art of the Application | NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship Application Feedback
August 30, 2018
The NYFA Grants team distills feedback from the 2017/2018 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship panel review process, to help artists when applying for future grant opportunities.

Business of Art | The Sundance Institute: Programs for Film, Film Music, Theatre, New Media, and Episodic Storytelling
October 17, 2017
Sundance Institute representatives came to NYFA to share information about opportunities for burgeoning and underrepresented storytellers.

Recap | Takeaways from Fiscal Sponsorship's Grant Writing Workshops
August 30, 2017
In the summer of 2017, NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship hosted a two-part Grant Writing Workshop to help artists build the skills needed for funding their own projects. This article presents key takeaways.

Coach's Corner | Practice, Project, or Both...and Why This Matters
June 18, 2017
Not sure if what you do is considered a project? Then click the above link for some insights from Sarah Corpron, Acting Director of Business Services on how to tackle this question.

Ask #ArtistHotline | Where Should I Submit My Writing?
June 18, 2017
For April's #ArtistHotline, Elisa Gabbert, Lincoln Michel, and Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib shared advice for writers during the “Literary Submissions & Publishing” Guest Chat. This post explores the question of how to decide which publications are the best fit for one's writing.

Get the Yes: Application Tips for Writers from BinderCon NYC
March 17, 2017
Application strategies from the BinderCon NYC session, "Get the Yes: Crafting the Best Application for Residencies, Fellowships, Grants, and Workshops" presented by writers Grace Jahng Lee (IAP ’13) and Glendaliz Camacho.

Fun Facts about NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship
December 16, 2016
NYFA's Acting Director of Business Services, Sarah Corpron, shares essential facts about fiscal sponsorship.

Ask #ArtistHotline: Am I an "Emerging" Artist?
May 6, 2016
A discussion of the distinction, or lack thereof, between an "emerging" and a "mid-career" artist, and tips for dealing with the ambiguity of these terms when finding and applying for opportunities.

NYFA Source: Travel Grant Tips and Opportunities
January 28, 2016
Learn how to strengthen your proposal and complete a successful travel grant application.

Perfoming Artists: Submit Your BEST Application
September 17, 2015
NYFA's Ana Fiore discusses fundraising strategies for performing arts applications, including a descriptive project narrative, and inclusive budget, and a quality work sample.

Top Tips for Fundraising Success
June 12, 2015
Advice for kicking off a new fiscal year with research and long-term planning.

How to Produce & Fund Your Short Film
April 29, 2015
Advice for early career filmmakers on funding and producing shorts. Filmmakers Mtume Gant and Rahwa Asmerom share their experiences.

60 Seconds with Sarah Corpron: Developing a Project Narrative
April 27, 2015
NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship Program Officer Sarah Corpron shares universal advice on how to write a successful project narrative.

Everything You Need to Know About Literary Submissions
April 9, 2015
Tips for writers looking to get published in literary magazines.

End of Year Giving: Fundraising Tips
December 22, 2014
NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship Program Officer Courtney Harge’s tips for ending the year on a positive note with your funders.

The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing
January 26, 2011
A discussion of Gigi Rosenberg's book, The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing.

Fellowship Application Hints 
November 15, 2010
Five key strategies to consider when applying for fellowships.

The New Exchange Rate
May 27, 2009
Three initiatives that have traded in traditional arts-funding practices for more creative approaches to sustainability.

Writing Between the Lines: On Grant Applications
October 10, 2009
How artists can write effectively about their own work for applications, and also on topics such as how to interpret the language of an organization’s grant guidelines and to adjust your artist’s statement based on the specifics of the grant being applied to.

The Top 10 Questions
October 10, 2007
Frequent queries to NYFA Source’s live assistance from artists preparing grant applications.

Fiscal Sponsorship: A NYFA Program with National Reach
October 5, 2010
For many artists, the term ‘fiscal sponsorship’ remains shrouded in mystery. Yet for those creating major projects that require access to funding opportunities restricted to nonprofits, attaining a fiscal sponsor is essential. 

Proposal Writing for Funding Projects
December 23, 2003
Learn about the components for a successful search and the different types of granting organizations.


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Spotlight: The Clark Hulings Fund
September 18, 2013
Advice for artists applying for The Clark Hulings Fund, a $5,000 award for visual artists working with a fiscal sponsor. 


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Image: Jane South (Finalist in Crafts/Sculpture '14)

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