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Fundraising and Applications

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Five Tips for Smarter (Not Harder) Fundraising
Fundraising for artist projects will no doubt take up time, but it doesn’t need to overwhelm your day-to-day if you think strategically.

NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship Application Feedback
The NYFA Grants team distills feedback from the 2017/2018 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship panel review process to help artists when applying for future grant opportunities.

Making the Match with Supporters
Learn how and where artists and organizations can gain the support they need, with actionable tips for doing so from NYFA's Madeleine Cutrona.

The Sundance Institute: Programs for Film, Film Music, Theatre, New Media, and Episodic Storytelling
Sundance Institute representatives came to NYFA to share information about opportunities for burgeoning and underrepresented storytellers.

Takeaways from Fiscal Sponsorship's Grant Writing Workshops
Learn key takeaways from NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship's two-part Grant Writing Workshop to help artists build the skills needed for funding their own projects. 

Practice, Project, or Both...and Why This Matters
Not sure if what you do is considered a project? Then click the above link for some insights from Sarah Corpron, Former Director of Business Services, on how to tackle this question.

Get the Yes: Application Tips for Writers from BinderCon NYC
Application strategies from the BinderCon NYC session, "Get the Yes: Crafting the Best Application for Residencies, Fellowships, Grants, and Workshops" presented by writers Grace Jahng Lee (IAP ’13) and Glendaliz Camacho.

Fun Facts about NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship
NYFA's Former Director of Business Services, Sarah Corpron, shares essential facts about fiscal sponsorship.

Am I an "Emerging" Artist?
An #ArtistHotline discussion of the distinction, or lack thereof, between an "emerging" and a "mid-career" artist, and tips for dealing with the ambiguity of these terms when finding and applying for opportunities.

NYFA Source: Travel Grant Tips and Opportunities
Learn how to strengthen your proposal and complete a successful travel grant application.

How to Produce & Fund Your Short Film
Advice for early career filmmakers on funding and producing shorts. Filmmakers Mtume Gant and Rahwa Asmerom share their experiences.

Proposal Writing for Funding Projects
Learn about the components for a successful search and the different types of granting organizations.


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Image: Jane South (Finalist in Crafts/Sculpture '14)

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