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IAP Resource Directory

The Immigrant Artist Program at NYFA connects immigrant artists with a wealth of sources for advice, support, professional development and networking.

In addition to producing our own content and programming, we encourage artists to build relationships with organizations in their own communities. This directory serves as a mere introduction to the many resources available to immigrant artists in New York. Explore the links and see where they take you!


Arts Councils + Government Entities
Alliances + Art Service Organizations
General Arts Resources
Grants, Fellowships, and Awards
Immigrant Rights + Advocacy
Immigrant Services
Job Listings
Legal +Financial Assistance
Opportunities for Artists
Workspace for Artists
More Information (Contact IAP Directly)


Arts Councils + Government Entities 

New York City

If you live somewhere in the five boroughs of New York City, one of these local arts councils or alliances should be your first point of contact in your search for support and resources. Many of these organizations offer workshops and grants, present exhibits and performances, and offer web-based services such as free artist registries and location-specific resource listings.

Live outside of the City? Arts Councils and Centers in New York State

Both of these agencies offer support mainly to arts organizations, including some of those listed above and below, but also serve individual artists through resource listings, workshops and events calendars.

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Alliances + Art Service Organizations 

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General Arts Resources 

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Grants, Fellowships, and Awards 

Institutional grants/awards for individual artists.

Varied Disciplines

Literary Arts

Media and Film

Performing Arts

Visual Arts

Crowdsourced Fundraising

Fundraising Articles and Tools

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Immigrant Rights + Advocacy

Here are some organizations that are actively fighting for fair treatment and reformed immigration policy. Some of these organizations also offer literacy, legal and financial services to individuals, and many have a history of collaborating with artists.

  • FWD.us is an advocacy organization created to help organize the broader tech community to promote a bipartisan policy agenda – including comprehensive immigration reform, education reform, and support for scientific research – that will boost the knowledge economy to ensure more jobs, innovation and investment, now and in the future.
  • Make the Road NY - Promotes economic justice, equity and opportunity for all New Yorkers through community and electoral organizing, strategic policy advocacy and support services.
  • New York Immigrant Coalition - Advocacy organization for various communities and groups in New York State that work with immigrants and refugees.
  • New Immigrant Community Empowerment - A community-based, non-profit organization that works to ensure that new immigrants can build social, political and economic power in their communities and beyond.
  • Immigrant Financial Justice Project at the Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project - A coalition of organizers, advocates and service providers from different neighborhoods and sectors that collaborates on research, community education, and corporate reform campaigns to expand immigrants' economic rights.

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Immigrant Services 

Although the Immigrant Artists Program's primary role is supporting immigrants in their roles as artists, we have listed a few important non-arts-related resources here.

  • Mayors Office of Immigrant Affairs - Promotes the well-being of immigrant communities by recommending policies and programs that facilitate successful integration of immigrant New Yorkers into the civic, economic, and cultural life of the City.
  • CUNY Citizenship and Immigration Project - Provides free immigration law services at nine centers located throughout New York City and at Citizenship Now! events throughout the city.
  • CAMBA - A non-profit agency that provides legal services, family support, economic development, housing services and more, with a focus on immigrants and refugees based in Brooklyn.
  • International Center - A volunteer-driven community where immigrants, refugees, students and other newcomers to the United States come to practice English and learn about American culture. The Center's Andrew Romay Immigrant Support Program offers scholarships for English classes.
  • Upwardly Global - Provides resources for immigrant professionals and employers who are looking to find jobs back in their field in the United States.
  • Center for the Integration and Advancement of New Americans - Offers immigrant integration services - including newcomer orientation, financial education and employment and legal services - designed specifically for immigrants and refugees from the "traditional" societies of the Greater Middle East and its neighboring countries in Africa and South Asia.
  • Tamizdat - A sympathetic and affordable artist-oriented Visa Service designed to help performing artists to navigate the US visa system.
  • Office for New Americans (New York State) - Offers resources for New Americans to facilitate their success — including-business resources, English-for-Speakers-of-other-Languages (ESOL) training, neighborhood-based Opportunity Centers, naturalization, and a New Americans multi-lingual, toll-free assistance hotline (1-800-566-7636) to respond to general questions about immigration and naturalization requirements, procedures and benefits.
  • New New Yorkers Program at Queens Museum of Art and Queens Library - In partnership with the Queens Library, the Queens Museum’s New New Yorkers program offers free multilingual classes to meet the needs of adult immigrant communities in Queens.
  • Immigration Equality – Focused on providing free legal services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and HIV-positive immigrants, including: asylum seekers forced to flee to the U.S. to find safety; binational couples and families separated by oceans; detainees trapped in immigration jail facilities, undocumented LGBT immigrants living in the shadows inside the U.S. 
  • Immigrant Services Manual - this manual is a helpful resource for immigrants seeking more information on accessing public benefits and is available in Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Russian, Spanish, Bengali, Creole, Korean. 

Emergency Resources

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NYFA Classifieds — Jobs - the one-stop shop for national arts jobs listings
Idealist - international non-profit job listings
Craigslist New York - local job listings

Teaching Art

Teaching is both a passion and a major source of income for many artists. In addition to working directly in public schools, there are many non-profit organizations and learning institutions that hire teaching artists on part- and full-time bases. Explore NYFA's Teaching Artist Source for a listing of many of these opportunities.

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Legal + Financial Assistance 

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts - Pro-bono legal services to low-income artists and arts organizations, offers workshops on legal issues confronting artists, and advocates for the arts community through legal action. You can call the VLA Art Law Line with all your legal questions: (212) 319-2787, Ext. 1, Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm.

The Legal Aid Society - Offers a number of specialized direct support programs and on online Self-Help Guide of legal resources

Artists From Abroad - A complete online guide to immigration and tax requirements for foreign guest artists in the US.

Business of Art: Legal - These articles cover all manner of legal and financial issues that artists confront, from marketing to housing to website development to budgeting and tax preparation.

Arts and Business Council - Joins the resources of the arts and business communities of New York, offering discounts, professional development services and more to member organization and individuals

The Artists' Health Insurance Resource Center - The Actor's Fund provides this online directory and resource center for all artists, including the self-employed and freelancers. seeking affordable health insurance in the US. They also offer local seminars and opportunities to advocate for health care reform.

Fractured Atlas - Provides multiple programs and services that help artists and arts organizations be more effective as businesses, from health and liability insurance to advocacy and professional development.

Freelancer's Union - Free national membership organization that offer benefits like insurance and retirement to members and provides political advocacy for all independent workers.

National Immigration Project - A national non-profit that provides assistance and technical support to immigrant communities, legal practitioners, and advocates in the areas of criminal & deportation defense to noncitizens Living with HIV/AIDS.

New York City Housing Authority - Provides information on affordable housing.

The New York City Human Resources Administration/ Department of Social Services (HRA/DSS) - Provides temporary help to individuals and families with social service and economic needs to assist them in reaching self-sufficiency- including Temporary Assistance, Medical Assistance, and Food Stamp (SNAP) Benefits. 

Immigrant Legal Support 

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Opportunities for Artists 

An introductory listing of recurring and ongoing opportunities for funding, space, and creative and professional development that are open and amenable to immigrant artists.

Online Professional Development and Resources

  • NYFA: Business of Art - Articles about Careers, Exhibiting & Performing, For Art Students, Fundraising, Housing & Studio, Insurance, Legal, Marketing, Mental Health, Money, Web Site Development, Interviews with Visual Artists, Interviews with Performing Artists, Interviews with Arts Professionals, and New York State Resources (arts councils and centers)
  • College Art Association Guidelines for Art and Art History

Professional Development Services in New York

Online Courses

  • Dance Umbrella of Ontario: a free online workbook with basics in topics such as funding, planning, touring and promotion. (incorporation practices are different in Canada so this section is not be relevant to US artists) 
  • Fractured U: Fractured Atlas offers a series of online courses on topics from fundraising to financial management and from understanding presenting venues to working with agents

Mentorship and Advisory Programs

NOTE: Also check the local arts councils listed above; most offer grants to local artists working or residing within their neighborhood/borough


Residency Awards

Artist Registries Online

To stay informed of the latest upcoming opportunities, sign up for the Immigrant Artist Program Newsletter - a free online publication with deadlines, tips, features and more. For a complete listing of opportunities for artists, you can search NYFA Source, the nation's most extensive directory of awards, services, and publications for artists.

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From short-term residencies and rehearsal spaces to long-term studio rentals, many artists require physical space to build their practice. Beyond the residency awards listed above, there are lots of ways to search for affordable workspaces - here are some resources:

NYFA Classifieds — Space - rental listings for visual artists' studios
NYC Performing Arts Spaces - citywide listing of rehearsal, performance and classroom space for theater, music and dance artists with interactive search function

There are many spaces like these around the city and state - the best way to start is often in and around where you live, or where you're interested in working. Here are just a few suggestions:

Galleries, Arts Spaces, and Presenters

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More Information (Contact IAP Directly) 

In addition to exploring all the resources listed above, you can always contact the Immigrant Artist Program directly. Our program staff do not always have time to meet in person, but are happy to answer specific questions via phone or email.

Phone: (212) 366-6900 Ext. 249
Email: i.outreach@nyfa.org

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  • Check NYFA Current for our upcoming events and opportunities 

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