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IAP Mentorship

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The Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program pairs immigrant artists from all disciplines with artist mentors who provide their mentees with one-on-one support.


NYFA's Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program is the only known program of its kind in the United States, and has provided close to 200 NYC-based immigrants with mentorship, community, and exposure for their work since it was founded in 2007. The New York program includes sessions in Visual/Multidisciplinary Art, Performing and Literary Arts, and Social Practice. In 2017, NYFA received a 2-year grant from Ford Foundation to support the expansion of the program to Detroit, MI; Newark, NJ; Oakland, CA; and San Antonio, TX.

This is a competitive program open to artists from all disciplines (performing, literary, and visual) and provided free of charge to accepted participants. 


The Program fosters a community, providing opportunities to connect with other immigrant artists through group meetings, peer learning, and informal gatherings with program alumni. Through access to other artists, arts professionals, and organizations, the program offers immigrant artists the opportunity to focus on their creative practice, gain support and exposure for their work, while upholding their distinct identities. Many of the mentors are immigrant artists themselves, and understand the challenges of sustaining one’s art practice while navigating different cultural perspectives in the art world. Each cycle has proven to be an invaluable experience for mentees and mentors alike, and artists often remain connected well beyond the program.

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Questions? Contact IAP at i.outreach@nyfa.org or call (212) 366-6900, ext. 219.


"I am very honored to be part of the Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. It is an amazing program that helps immigrant artist, both Mentee and Mentor, to gain perspective, exchange experiences and come up with strategies to further their artistic careers in the United States. More importantly, the program has created a vibrant International Artist community in New York that is really unique. The participants feel supported by each other and the collaborations that came out of the program are amazing. I hope to be back soon!"
Eduardo Guedes, Musician, author and educator

"I am proud to be associated with this unique and forward-thinking program of NYFA's in my role as an immigrant writer in fostering American literature with global perspectives and insights. Kudos to IAP program and its dedicated staff, many of them immigrant artists themselves!"
Vivian Yang, Author

"As always, I am humbled by the depth and quality of services provided by NYFA to immigrant artists. This program is incredibly meaningful for participants in terms of community building and establishing systems for collaboration and support."
Liesl Pfeffer, Visual artist


The 2017 NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program is made possible by the generous support of Deutsche Bank, Ford Foundation, Rubin Foundation, and The Vilcek Foundation.


NYFA congratulates the 2018 participants in the NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists working in the performing and literary arts:

Mentee Migguel Anggelo, Performing (Venezuela), paired with Mentor Volker Goetze, Performing (Germany).

Mentee Pascual Brodsky, Literary (Chile), paired with Mentor Vivan Yang, Literary (United States).

Mentee Maria Alejandra Barrios Vélez, Literary (Colombia), paired with Mentor Chia-Lun Chang, Literary (Taiwan).

Mentee Valeria Carboni, Performing (Italy), paired with Mentor Martita Abril, Performing (Mexico).

Mentee Peta Coy, Performing (Australia), paired with Mentor Jonathan Cerullo, Performing (United States).

Mentee Kritika Dey, Performing (India), paired with Mentor Cândida Borges, Performing (Brazil).

Mentee Laurie Deziel, Performing (Canada), paired with Mentor Felice Lesser, Performing (United States).

Mentee Noa Fort, Performing (Israel), paired with Mentor Deanna Witkowski, Performing (United States).

Mentee Bud-Erdene Gankhuyag, Literary (Mongolia), paired with Mentor Ambika Samarthya, Literary (India).

Mentee Sofia Gutierrez Losada, Performing (Colombia), paired with Mentor John Infante, Literary (United States).

Mentee Minhui Lee, Performing (South Korea), paired with Mentor Eunbi Kim, Performing (United States).

Mentee Meher Manda, Literary (India), paired with Mentor Amy Lawless, Literary (United States).

Mentee Kal Mansoor, Literary/Performing (England), paired with Mentor Dave Hall, Performing (United States).

Mentee Mila Milosevic, Performing (Serbia), paired with Mentor Marija Sajkas, Literary (Serbia).

Mentee Christopher Nunez, Performing (Costa Rica), paired with Mentor Runn Shayo, Performing (Israel).

Mentee Samira Sadeque, Literary (Bangladesh), paired with Mentor Marwa Helal, Literary (Egypt).

Mentee Fernando Vieira, Literary (Ecuador), paired with Mentor Ricardo Maldonado, Literary (United States).

Mentee Mehmet S. Yildirim, Performing (Turkey), paired with Mentor Eugene Marlow, Ph.D., Performing (United Kingdom).


NYFA congratulates the 2018 Participants in the NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists in Oakland:

Mentee Nana Duffuor, Multidisciplinary (Ghana/United States), paired with Mentor Aimee Suzara, Performing (Philippines/United States).

Mentee Eun Kyung (Judy) Kim, Literary (South Korea), paired with Mentor Vernon Keeve, Literary (United States).

Mentee Pluma Sumaq, Literary (Ecuador/Peru/United States), paired with Mentor Angelique Paramore, Multidisciplinary (United States).

Mentee Colette Eloi, Interdisciplinary (Haiti), paired with Mentor Angelique Paramore, Multidisciplinary (United States).

Mentee Itoro Udofia, Interdisciplinary (Nigeria), paired with Mentor Natriece Spicer, Visual (United States).

Mentee Nkeiruka Oruche, Multidisciplinary (Nigeria), paired with Mentor Kwesi Wilkerson, Performing (United States).

Mentee Reynaldo Culannay, Visual (United States), paired with Mentor Jason Wyman, Visual (United States).

Mentee KyungBae Jeon, Visual (South Korea), paired with Mentor Jason Wyman, Visual (United States).

Mentee Carmen Roman, Performing (Peru), paired with Mentor Ernesto Sopprani, Performing (Peru).

Mentee Hager Asefaha, Multidisciplinary (Eritrea), paired with Mentor Kara Q. Smith, Visual (United States).

Mentee Onyinye Alheri, Multidisciplinary (Nigeria), paired with Mentor Kara Q. Smith, Visual (United States).

Mentee Manar Harb, Interdisciplinary (Palestine), paired with Mentor Kim Anno, Visual (United States).

Mentee Melissa San Miguel, Interdisciplinary (Peru/United States), paired with Mentor Kim Anno, Visual (United States).

Mentee Hamere Seble, Folk/Traditional Arts (Ethiopia), paired with Mentor Jennifer Ross, Visual (United States).

Mentee Kanat Ibragimov, Visual (Kazakhstan), paired with Mentor Ely Sonny Orquiza, Performing (Philippines).


NYFA congratulates the 2018 Participants in the NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists in Detroit:

Mentee Anahli Vazquez-Galvan, Visual (Mexico), paired with Mentor Christina deRoos, Visual (United States).

Mentee Noura Ballout, Visual (Lebanon), paired with Mentor Corine Vermeulen, Visual (Netherlands).

Mentee Yusser Al Qazwini, Visual (Iraq/Algeria), paired with Mentor Ewa Markiewicz, Visual (Poland).

Mentee Viviana Macias, Film/New Media (Mexico), paired with Mentor Gracieuse Xavier, Visual (Haiti).

Mentee June Bae, Film/New Media (South Korea), paired with Mentor Jasmine Rivera, Film/Video/New Media (United States).

Mentee Itchel Arriaga, Interdisciplinary (Mexico), paired with Mentor Katrina Daniels, Curator (United States).

Mentee JinApril Son, Multidisciplinary (Korea), paired with Mentor Kristen Shirkey, Performing (United States).

Mentee Bana Kabalan, Performing (Lebanon), paired with Mentor Levon Kafafian, Multidisciplinary (United States).

Mentee Jonathan Hanna, Visual (Iraq), paired with Mentor Megan Heeres, Visual (United States).

Mentee Stephanie Jean, Literary (Haiti), paired with Mentor Nandi Comer, Literary (United States).

Mentee Razi Jafri, Multidisciplinary (India), paired with Mentor Oksana Mirzoyan, Visual (Azerbaijan).

Mentee Dessislava Terzieva, Multidisciplinary (Bulgaria), paired with Mentor Paulina Petkoski, Visual (United States).

Mentee Mariana Piñar, Visual (Spain), paired with Mentor Paulina Petkoski, Visual (United States).

Mentee Manal Shoukair, Multidisciplinary (Lebanon), paired with Mentor Sarah Rose Sharp, Multidisciplinary (United States).

Mentee Natalia Restrepo, Performing (Colombia), paired with Mentor Sean Blackman, Performing (United States).

Mentee Maurizio Rosas-Dominguez, Film/New Media (Mexico), paired with Mentor Shaun Nethercott, Performing (United States).

Mentee Eden Sabolboro, Film/New Media (Philippines), paired with Mentor Imad Hassan, Visual (Lebanon).

Mentee Karima Majidi, Visual (Afghanistan), paired with Mentor Carole Kabrin, Visual (United States).

Mentee Mohamed Elsawi, Film/New Media (Egypt), paired with Mentor Chido Johnson, Visual (Zimbabwe).


NYFA congratulates the 2018 Participants in the NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists in San Antonio:

Mentee Andrea RivasVisual (Honduras/United States), paired with Mentor Ashley MirelesVisual (United States).

Mentee Ernesto IbanezVisual (Mexico), paired with Mentor Claudio AguillonVisual (Mexico).

Mentee Merle MoryVisual (Venezuela), paired with Mentor Lorena AnguloArt Jewelry (Mexico).

Mentee Sergio MataVisual (Mexico), paired with Mentor Ana FernandezVisual (United States).

Mentee Hayfer BreaVisual (Venezuela), paired with Mentor Guillermina ZabalaMultidisciplinary (United States/Argentina).

Mentee Jorge VillarrealVisual (Mexico), paired with Mentor Guillermina ZabalaMultidisciplinary (United States/Argentina).

Mentee Carolina QuirogaPerforming (Colombia), paired with Mentor Marisela BarreraPerforming (United States).

Mentee Karola Rotter,  Visual (Germany), paired with Mentor Kim BishopVisual (United States).

Mentee Jose BalliVisual (Mexico), paired with Mentor Luis ValderasVisual (United States).

Mentee Naomi GakungaVisual (Kenya), paired with Mentor Deborah MerskyVisual (United States).

Mentee Jonathan RochaPerforming (Mexico), paired with Mentor Gregg BarriosPerforming(United States).

Mentee Barbara MinarroVisual (Mexico), paired with Mentor Jennifer DatchukVisual (United States).

Mentee Jesse Jinna Ruiz, Visual (South Korea), paired with Mentor Ricky Armendariz, Visual (United States).

Mentee Julya JaraMultidisciplinary (Latvia), paired with Mentor Sarah FischVisual (United States).

Mentee Francisco CortesVisual (Mexico), paired with Mentor Anne WallaceVisual(United States).

Mentee Anastassia RabajilleVisual (Chile), paired with Mentor Claudia ZapataVisual (United States).

Mentee Jesus RaveloVisual (Mexico), paired with Mentor Claudia ZapataVisual (United States).

Mentee Maria LinanFolk Art (Peru), paired with Mentor Anel FloresVisual and Literary (United States).


NYFA congratulates the 2017 Participants in the NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists in Newark:

Mentee Bithika AdhikaryVisual (India), paired with Mentor Alessandra ExpositoVisual (United States).

Mentee Agnes DejaVisual (Poland), paired with Mentor Ceaphas StubbsVisual (United States).

Mentee DongKyu KimMultidisciplinary (South Korean), paired with Mentor Colleen Gutwein O'NealVisual (United States).

Mentee Hao FengVisual (China), paired with Mentor Emma WilcoxVisual (United States).

Mentee Raúl FloresMultidisciplinary (Ecuador), paired with Mentor Evonne DavisVisual(United States).

Mentee Giacomo ColosiVisual (Italy), paired with Mentor Gianluca BianchinoVisual (Italy).

Mentee Juan BernalVisual (Colombia), paired with Mentor James WilsonVisual (United States).

Mentee Musah SwallahVisual (Ghana), paired with Mentor Jen MazzaVisual (United States).

Mentee George MorelVisual (Dominican Republic), paired with Mentor Jo-El LopezVisual (Puerto Rico).

Mentee Emmanuel GlenVisual (Guyana), paired with Mentor Kati VilimVisual (Hungary).

Mentee Junio VargasMultidisciplinary(Ecuador), paired with Mentor Kern SamuelVisual (Trinidad and Tobago).

Mentee Yeimy GamezPerforming (Honduras), paired with Mentor Layqa Nuna YawarVisual (Ecuador).

Mentee Sunil Garg, Visual (India), paired with Mentor Luiza Pinzon, Visual (Colombia).

Mentee Nava Gidanian-KaganVisual (Israel), paired with Mentor Matt GosserVisual (United States).

Mentee Paco MarquezLiterary (Mexico), paired with Mentor Paula NevesLiterary (United States).

Mentee Elizabeth ClarkVisual (Colombia), paired with Mentor Rebecca Pauline JampolMultidisciplinary (United States).

Mentee Dailza RibeiroMultidisciplinary (Brazil), paired with Mentor Shauna KanterPerforming(United States).

Mentee Isi IgeteiMultidisciplinary (Nigeria), paired with Mentor Universe KonaduLiterary (Ethiopia/United States).


NYFA congratulates the 2018 participants in the NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists working in socially engaged art:

Image: Merche Blasco (Fellow in Digital/Electronic Arts '17), Sonic Bloom; Photo: David Rehor