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IAP Mentorship

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The Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program pairs immigrant artists from all disciplines with artist mentors who provide their mentees with one-on-one support.


NYFA's Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program is the only known program of its kind in the United States, and has provided over 400 immigrants with mentorship, community, and exposure for their work since it was founded in 2007. The New York program includes sessions in Visual/Multidisciplinary Art, Performing and Literary Arts, and Social Practice. In 2017, NYFA received a 2-year grant from Ford Foundation to support the expansion of the program to Detroit, MI; Newark, NJ; Oakland, CA; and San Antonio, TX.

This is a competitive program open to artists from all disciplines (performing, literary, and visual) and provided free of charge to accepted participants. 


The Program fosters a community, providing opportunities to connect with other immigrant artists through group meetings, peer learning, and informal gatherings with program alumni. Through access to other artists, arts professionals, and organizations, the program offers immigrant artists the opportunity to focus on their creative practice, gain support and exposure for their work, while upholding their distinct identities. Many of the mentors are immigrant artists themselves, and understand the challenges of sustaining one’s art practice while navigating different cultural perspectives in the art world. Each cycle has proven to be an invaluable experience for mentees and mentors alike, and artists often remain connected well beyond the program.

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Questions? Contact IAP at [email protected] or call (212) 366-6900, ext. 219.


Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program Visual and Multidisciplinary. Deadline to Apply: December 16, 2019 at 11:59 PM (EST).

Through the support of Deutsche Bank, NYFA is pleased to announce our upcoming Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Visual & Multidisciplinary Arts 2020. This competitive program is open to visual artists of all disciplines (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Video, Film, Photography, New Media, Multidisciplinary, Socially-Engaged Practices, Folk, and Traditional Art) and will run from January to May 2020. In bringing multidisciplinary artists together, the program aims to nurture a productive environment for collaboration.


"I am very honored to be part of the Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. It is an amazing program that helps immigrant artist, both Mentee and Mentor, to gain perspective, exchange experiences and come up with strategies to further their artistic careers in the United States. More importantly, the program has created a vibrant International Artist community in New York that is really unique. The participants feel supported by each other and the collaborations that came out of the program are amazing. I hope to be back soon!"
Eduardo Guedes, Musician, author and educator

"I am proud to be associated with this unique and forward-thinking program of NYFA's in my role as an immigrant writer in fostering American literature with global perspectives and insights. Kudos to IAP program and its dedicated staff, many of them immigrant artists themselves!"
Vivian Yang, Author

"As always, I am humbled by the depth and quality of services provided by NYFA to immigrant artists. This program is incredibly meaningful for participants in terms of community building and establishing systems for collaboration and support."
Liesl Pfeffer, Visual artist


The 2020 NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program is made possible by the generous support of Deutsche Bank, Ford Foundation, Rubin Foundation, and The Vilcek Foundation.


NYFA congratulates the 2020 participants in the NYFA Mentoring Program for Visual & Multidisciplinary Immigrant Artists:

Mentee Zeshan Ahmed, Visual (India), paired with Mentor Marco Scozzaro, Visual (Italy).

Mentee Ekaterina Akuma, Visual (Russia), paired with Mentor Golnar Adili, Visual (Iran).

Mentee Ivana Brenner, Visual (Argentina), paired with Mentor Inna Babaeva, Visual (Ukraine).

Mentee Hedwig Brouckaert, Visual (Belgium), paired with Mentor Zahra Nazari, Visual (Iran).

Mentee Zorica ColicMultidisciplinary (Serbia), paired with Mentor Luiza Kurzyna, Multidisciplinary (Poland).

Mentee Carin Kulb Dangot, Visual (Brazil), paired with Mentor Armita Raafat, Visual (Iran).

Mentee Bel Falleiros, Visual (Brazil), paired with Mentor Keren Anavy, Visual (Israel).

Mentee Nathier Fernandez, New Media (Colombia), paired with Mentor Claudia Sohrens, Visual (Germany).

Mentee Vinay Hira, Visual (New Zealand), paired with Mentor Christopher Ho, Visual (Hong Kong).

Mentee Hyun Yung AhnVisual (South Korea), paired with Mentor Fay Ku, Visual (Taiwan).

Mentee Jaejoon Jang, Visual (South Korea), paired with Mentor Larry Krone, Multidisciplinary (United States).

Mentee Ae Yun Kim, Visual (South Korea), paired with Mentor Cecile Chong, Visual (Ecuador).

Mentee Geuryung Lee, Visual (South Korea), paired with Mentor Kakyoung Lee, Visual (South Korea).

Mentee Jiaoyang Li, Multidisciplinary (China), paired with Mentor Jennifer Schmidt, Visual (United States).

Mentee Spandita Malik, Visual (India), paired with Mentor Sarah Walko, Visual (United States).

Mentee Levan Mindiashvili, Visual (Georgia), paired with Mentor Liliya Lifanova, Multidisciplinary (Kyrgystan).

Mentee j.p. mot, Multidisciplinary (Canada), paired with Mentor Antonio Serna, Visual (United States).

Mentee Bat-Ami Rivlin, Visual (Israel), paired with Mentor Daniela Kostova, Visual (Bulgaria).

Mentee Ghislaine SabitiVisual (Democratic Republic of Congo), paired with Mentor Yvette Molina, Visual (United States).

Mentee Leila Seyedzadeh, Visual (Iran), paired with Mentor Poppy DeltaDawn, Visual (United States).

Mentee Sofia Luisa Suazo Monsalve, Multidisciplinary (Chile), paired with Mentor Sophie Kahn, Visual (United States).

Image: Merche Blasco (Fellow in Digital/Electronic Arts '17), Sonic Bloom; Photo: David Rehor

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