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Curatorial Services (Main)


Expand your art collection with NYFA & Artspace

As a part of NYFA's Curatorial Services program, NYFA is proud to partner with Artspace to help artists connect with new audiences. Visit Artspace's dedicated NYFA page to view works for sale that could become part of your business or personal collection. A portion of your purchase will go towards supporting NYFA and the artists we serve.





Golnar Adili (Fellow in Printmaking/Drawing/Artists' Books ‘09)

Candida Alvarez (Fellow in Graphics ‘86)

Theresa Bloise (Fellow in Painting '10)

Maria-Providencia Casanovas (Fellow in Photography ‘13)

Rebecca Chamberlain (Fellow in Painting '12)

Amy Cheng (Fellow in Painting ‘90,’96)

Brett DePalma

Danielle Ezzo (Finalist in Photography ‘13)

June Glasson (Fellow in Printmaking/Drawing/Artists' Books ‘11)

Takuji Hamanaka (Fellow in Printmaking/Drawin/Artists' Books '11)

Ryan Hancock (Fellow in Photography, ‘13)

Emily Hass (Fellow in Painting '12)

Yashua Klos (Fellow in Printmaking/Drawing/Artists' Books '14)

Jill B. Levine (Fellow in Sculpture '05)

Judith Linhares

Frank Moore (Fellow in Film ‘88)

Rachelle Mozman (Finalist in Photography ‘13)

Lorna Simpson

Hunt Slonem

Roxa Smith (Fellow in Painting ‘12)

Rachel Sussman (Fellow in Photography ‘13)

Margaret Inga Wiatrowski (Fellow in Printmaking/Drawing/Artists' Books ‘11)

Slider images: Ryan Hancock, Curve, 2011; Rachel Sussman Dead Huon Pine adjacent to living population segment #1211-3609 (10,500 year old; Mount Read, Tasmania) from The Oldest Living Things in the World, 2011; Golnar Adili The King-seat of my Eye is the Place of Repose for your Imagination, 2011;  Amy Cheng A Baiana Ana, 2010.