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The Basil Alkazzi Artist-in-Residence Guidelines

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The Basil Alkazzi Artist-in-Residence is open to artists working in the medium of painting who seek an opportunity to work in a different environment and who are specifically interested in exploring the impact of light on their artistic practice.

The quality of light has been a crucial factor for painters since the 17th century, as is evident in the theatrical lighting of Caravaggio’s dramatic narratives, the inner light of the faces in Rembrandt’s portraits or the nighttime scenes illuminated by a single candle in the work of Georges de la Tour. The 18th century paintings of Venice by Canaletto and his peers overwhelm us with the beauty of light. And the impressionists made light and color their signature style. The concern of artists for the right light in the modern era is highlighted by the history of the travels of artists to particular locations for inspiration such as the south of France, North Africa, and the South Pacific. The exhibition, “Matisse in Morocco,” drew attention to the impact of the light in Morocco on Matisse. In the United States, areas such as Lake George in New York State, the deserts in New Mexico, and the tropics of Hawaii have attracted many painters because of the special quality of the light.

The Basil Alkazzi Artist-in-Residence will provide a painter the gift of time and space to make art in a region of the United States known for the quality of light, giving the artist time to reflect, and to experience the impact of that light and interlink with other artists drawn to the area.

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About Basil Alkazzi:

The British artist Basil Alkazzi is a prolific and, in his own words, a “compulsive” painter. His distinguished career as an artist spans almost 50 years. Six monographs of work have been published, which includes The Rites of Spring by Donald Kuspit, Resonant Echoes –The Art of Basil Alkazzi by Dennis Wepman, and An Odyssey of Dreams – A Decade of Paintings 2003-2012 by Donald Kuspit. His work is held in many museums and public collections in the United States and abroad. In addition to being a gifted painter, Basil Alkazzi is also a generous philanthropist supporting other artists. In 1986, he established The Basil H. Alkazzi Foundation Awards, at the Royal College of Art in London, and where more recently he established, with a major endowment in memorial for his late brother The Ali H. Alkazzi Scholarship Award also in Painting.

A cosmopolitan, he has traveled widely for long periods of time, and has lived and exhibited in London and U.S.A. He currently resides in the Principality of Monaco in the South of France.

For more information on Basil Alkazzi visit his website at www.basilalkazzi.com.

Image: Top: Basil Alkazzi, Transmigration at Dusk III, gouache on paper, 76 x 57 cm, 31.5 x 23.5 inches, 2014. Bottom: Basil Alkazzi, at the John Hedgecoe Exhibition at the RCA, London.

Images courtesy of the artist.