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Artspace Summer Artist Residency

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United States
Raleigh, NC
Opportunity Type
Residency / Artist Colony
Opportunity Discipline
All Visual Arts
Application Fee
Application Deadline


This residency provides an artist with a month-long studio opportunity in Artspace's Gallery One, a $2000 stipend plus housing budget, and an exhibition immediately following the residency. During the residency, the artist is expected to maintain open studio hours, interact with the community, and give an artist talk. Teaching opportunities are also available. This residency is for July 2019.

Application Instructions / Public Contact Information

ELIGIBILITY 1. The Summer Artist Residency is available to established, dedicated, working artists. 2. Artists must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents over 18 years of age. 3. Artists working in most mediums will be considered. Artists working with toxic materials, hazardous machinery, etc. will not be considered due to limitations within the building. Oil painting is permitted. 4. Artists must not be currently enrolled in an institutional program of study, including instructional museum programs. 5. Artists must be ready to enjoy working in an open studio setting where the public is able to interact with the artist during public hours. Artists must work in the studio a minimum of 20 hours per week during public hours. 6. Submitting Artists must be experienced in art instruction – preferably with adults and children (ages 8+). 7. Submitting Artists must be prepared to exhibit artwork created during their residency, in addition to and/or of the same caliber as the artwork submitted for application. COMPENSATION Artspace offers an honorarium of $2000, which is paid at the end of the residency period. Artists are also compensated for their teaching time. HOUSING Artspace will work with the artist to find adequate housing for the residency period. ALL APPLICATIONS Please submit the following: 1. Professional Resume. PDF. 2 pages or less. File titled Lastname-Firstname_Resume.pdf 2. Artist Statement. PDF. Please address how receiving the residency will impact your career (not to exceed 1 page or 250 words). File titled Lastname-Firstname_Statement.pdf 3. Biography. PDF. File titled Lastname-Firstname_Bio.pdf 4. Proposal of Studio Use. PDF. File titled Lastname-Firstname_StudioTime.pdf 5. Exhibition Proposal. PDF. File titled Lastname-Firstname_Exhibition.pdf 6. Class/workshop Descriptions. PDF. Descriptions of classes that artist has taught before. File titled Lastname-Firstname_Classes.pdf 7. Three Professional References. PDF. Please list three authorities in your field who know you and your work. Include for each reference: name, mailing address, phone, and email. File titled Lastname-Firstname_References.pdf 8. Supplemental Questions. PDF. Please provide answers to the questions below. File titled Lastname-Firstname_Questions.pdf - How did you hear about the residency program? – Have you participated in other residency programs? Where/When? – Do you have teaching experience with youths? Adults? Where/When? 9. Images/Videos. See below for image details. 10. Image List. PDF. An annotated image list accompanying digital images/videos with title of work, media, size, and year completed. File titled Lastname-Firstname_List.pdf 11. Nonrefundable fee of $25. Make check or money order payable to Artspace. Do not send cash. VIDEOS Video submissions should adhere to the following criteria: 1. 5-minute maximum. 2. A minimum of 3 videos (can be segments of longer works) completed within the last 2 years. 3. MPEG-4, AVI, or MOV file formats only. 4. All videos must be saved using a file name and number that corresponds to the annotated image list. 5. Files titled Lastname-Firstname_Video# IMAGES Images submitted should adhere to the following criteria: 1. 10 digital images of works completed within the past 2 years. 3-D/installation artists may submit up to 20 digital photos, documenting 10 works in all. 2. Images must be in JPEG format. 300dpi maximum, 1600 pixels on longest side. 3. All images must be saved using a file name and number that corresponds to the annotated image list. 4. Files titled Lastname-Firstname_Image# SUBMISSIONS Email your files to Annah Lee, Director of Artistic Programs, at alee@artspacenc.org, subject line “Summer Artist Residency” APPLICATION FEE All applications must be submitted along with a non-refundable $25 application fee. You may send a check or money order – made payable to Artspace, Inc. – to 201 E Davie St, Raleigh, NC 27601. You may also submit payment online: https://artspace.z2systems.com/np/clients/artspace/product.jsp?product=157& INQUIRIES Annah Lee, Director of Artistic Programs, alee@artspacenc.org, 919.821.2787