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Bougie Betty

Bougie Betty
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Bougie Betty is a web-series about a girl from Harlem who believes that a Master's degree and self-help books will make her more refined like her idol, Michelle Obama. However, no matter how much she tries to be pulled-in and sophisticated, when faced with a conflict "the hood" always rears its ugly head. How do you become the better version of yourself, walking around this earth, if crazy people are always creating problems with you?  Nina McKay has been asking herself this question ever since the first time bullies uttered the words "She think, she cute!"  We go on a journey with Nina as she strives for the fabulous life, which she believes her education has afforded her, while her sister Kim helps her to recognize that having balance is key. We see that sisterhood, is an important relationship in ones life which can provide the check- and-balance that we all need to be our best.


We are currently fundraising to film Episodes 2-5, which we are planning on shooting in fall 2018.  



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