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Blue and orange puzzle pieces have been joined together in the light orange background. In the foreground, a dark orange hand holding a dark orange puzzle piece is about to join it to a blue piece that is held by a blue hand on the right.

How You May Be Unintentionally Discouraging Creative Job Applicants

Job listings are a reflection of your company. Here’s how to put your best foot forward when attracting applicants. Your job listings are a reflection of the company, whether you run a large or small arts organization, you’re new on the scene or well-established, and everyone in between. When recruiting for a company, it’s best…

Photo features a collage of hand cut images and tiny objects that include flowers, gold pieces, animals, leaves, shells, wood, patterns, prints, a gold metal wing, and a Black & White archival image of a West African woman

How to Write An Effective Project Narrative

This post offers actionable tips and advice for organizing, brainstorming, writing, and editing project narratives. A project narrative is a common component of a grant application or proposal. It defines a project’s scope and purpose, and it explains how it will be executed. Effective project narratives are succinct, organized, and written in clear, direct language.…

A posed photo with NYFA's Board Chair and Executive Director with artists Kay WalkingStick and Chin Chih Yang

NYFA Holds First In-Person Hall of Fame Benefit Gala Since 2019

NYFA affiliated artists Kay WalkingStick and Chin Chih Yang were inducted into NYFA’s Hall of Fame at vibrant spring gala. After three years of no in-person Hall of Fame Benefit galas, the NYFA community was back in fine form to recognize artists who help make our world a better, more empathetic place. More than 200…