In Support of Artists

In Support of Artists

Dear Friends,

Every change of power brings uncertainty. This presidential election has had divisive rhetoric and policy views concerning healthcare, entitlements for the LGBTQ community, and rights for immigrants, among other social issues. We reaffirm our belief that all people, regardless of gender, skin color, religion, whom you love, political perspective or expression must share in the privileges and responsibilities of a democratic society, be empowered, and engage each other with mutual respect.

We will seek to ensure that the incoming administration, working with the other branches of our government, will help create common ground among the diverse peoples of the United States to preserve and advance those rights. We will do our best to make the case for continuing to support artists for the sake of the country: artists have always been leaders in asserting the rights of everyone in a democratic society through their stories, works, and creativity. Artists make the world more empathetic and humanistic, and challenge the frames of perception that keep people apart.

NYFA stands in solidarity with our artists. We encourage our donors who help us in the support of artists to do the same. We will continue to offer programs that embrace, include, and lift up all artists.


Judith K. Brodsky, Chair of the Board of Directors
Michael L. Royce, Executive Director,
and the NYFA family

Image: Traci Talasco (Architecture, Environmental Structures, and Design ‘16)

Amy Aronoff
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