Meet a Doctor: Carolina Peñafiel

Meet a Doctor: Carolina Peñafiel

“I am for the idea of circulating art so you can start a track record of sales, the more you sell the higher your prices can go.” -Carolina Peñafiel

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Doctor’s Hours in Spanish are back! NYFA is hosting Doctor’s Hours for Visual Artists on Wednesday, December 7 from 6:00–9:00 PM, and artists working in a variety of media are encouraged to register now for one, 30-minute individual appointment with a Spanish-speaking arts professional.

We recently spoke with one of our newest Doctor’s Hours consultants, Carolina Peñafiel. She’s Executive Director of Local Project, a nonprofit arts organization in Long Island City, Queens and a Co-Director of LIC Arts Open Festival, one of the largest art festivals in Queens. See below for advice from Carolina, and register to meet with her one-on-one today.

NYFA: What questions are artists asking you and what advice do you give them?

Carolina Peñafiel: Because a lot of artists I work with are new/emerging a very recurrent question is how to price their work.

I am for the idea of circulating art so you can start a track record of sales, the more you sell the higher your prices can go. Within my circle I see affordable art as a smart way for the artist to sell, therefore, support their careers, get their work out there, and gain more recognition.

NYFA: What is the one single thing you wish all artists knew?

Carolina Peñafiel: How to install/present their work. Many times I meet artists who do not know how to frame or how to present the work. It can be frustrating.

NYFA: What is the one thing artists can do to improve their chances when applying to open calls, residencies or awards?

Carolina Peñafiel: Follow the guidelines, don’t get too complicated trying to use big words, get to the point, apply to opportunities that apply to you, ask for feedback, and don’t wait until the last day to submit! Also don’t get discouraged by rejections, it’s part of the game!

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– Alicia Ehni, Program Associate, NYFA Learning

Image: Carolina Peñafiel courtesy of Carolina Peñafiel.

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