NYFA Coaching | Achieve Your Professional Goals for the New Year

NYFA Coaching | Achieve Your Professional Goals for the New Year

NYFA Coaching is back with new appointment options and new coaches for 2018!

In 2017, we developed a new professional development service for artists far and wide: NYFA Coaching. The program offers targeted sessions with specialized NYFA staff that are conducted with an emphasis on personalized feedback, recommendations, and guidance.

NYFA has been offering this kind of support for decades to artists and arts administrators enrolled in our programs, but now anyone can access this same level of staff support. A NYFA Coaching session can be whatever you need and is based on NYFA staff’s own experience as art industry leaders. Our goal for every session is to give you feedback that is specific to your circumstances and needs. Your NYFA coach will help you strengthen your professional materials and will recommend specific “next steps” for furthering your professional goals.

NYFA Coaching might be right for you if you: 

  • Want a second set of eyes to review your cover letter and resume;
  • Want feedback on a grant or residency application before you submit it;
  • Need support crafting your fundraising or marketing strategy;
  • Want someone to help you identify and outline professional strategies that best fit your needs and skills.

How it works:

  • NYFA Coaching sessions are fee-based and require no current enrollment in a NYFA program. They are open to anyone!
  • Session prices range from $40-$100. All sessions include a high level of dedicated staff time for reviewing your materials and offering direct feedback via email and phone.
  • You can select a 20-minute or 40-minute session based on your own needs. We recommend booking a 40-minute session for strategy building and/or application reviews. The 20-minute sessions are best for the review of short materials like a cover letter or your portfolio.
  • Select the coach that is the best fit for you and your professional needs. Need a different coach for different reasons, then book separate sessions!
  • Reserve your session using our simple online platform. Make sure you provide all requested information so we can give you our best feedback and recommendations.
  • Be prepared for a thoughtful and productive conversation with your NYFA Coach about your materials and next steps.

Who we are:

  • Madeleine Cutrona – Program Officer for Fiscal Sponsorship at NYFA. She consults on project management, fundraising strategy, and grant and project budget review. She brings a decade of experience teaching visual art, helping artists connect with audiences, and making art and fundraising for her own projects.
  • Matthew Seig – Media/Film Consultant at NYFA. He brings his experience as a producer or director of over twelve films, both documentary and narrative, as well as film programming for community, festival, and art-house exhibition, to his role advising filmmakers at NYFA. 

Make an Appointment:

Interested in scheduling a one-on-one appointment with one of the above coaches? Click here for more and to register.

Find out more about NYFA Coaching for artists, arts businesses, and arts organizations, and learn how specialized NYFA staff can help you strengthen your professional materials and recommend “next steps” for furthering your professional goals. If you have questions about this pilot program, contact [email protected].

Image (detail): Andrew Brischler (Fellow in Painting ’15), Witness, 2014, Colored pencil, acrylic, and oil stick on panel

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