The Award

New York City-based artists who have completed Demystifying NFTs: Workshops One & Two were invited to apply for Demystifying NFTs: The Award.

This program distributed $500 unrestricted cash awards to 30 NYC-based artists in addition to covering minting fees and technical support for winners to create and exhibit an NFT of their own work in December 2022. 

30 Winners received:

  • $500 unrestricted cash award 
  • Additional tech costs for minting an existing work as an NFT on an energy-efficient blockchain
  • Support from a dedicated technologist who will help you mint your NFT
  • Participation in an NYC public art exhibition in a high traffic location 


NYFA, in partnership with artist and technologist Laura Ó Reilly, is pleased to present Demystifying NFTs: The Award Exhibition, on view from December 15-31, 2022 in the Voxels metaverse at Technology Gap’s community center and exhibition space BRIDGE++ and at ChaShaMa’s 266 W. 37 Street presentation space in Manhattan. The exhibition, which will be live streaming in the metaverse 24/7, will be celebrated in the Voxels metaverse on Thursday, December 15 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST.

The 30 award winners were selected by a panel that included contemporary artist/designer Govales; Former Vice President, Brand Creative of VH1/Viacom and independent creative director Amanda Havey; interdisciplinary artist/journalist Alex Brook Lynn; and prolific art writer Kurt McVey

Of the participating artists, 57% identify as being 45 years of age or older, 53% identify as women, 47% identify as LGBTQ, and 40% identify as BIPOC, all critical to the program’s mission of making NFTs and the Web3 space more accessible, inclusive, and diverse. The artists represent creative disciplines including theater/performance, digital/electronic arts, music/sound, dance, visual arts, and interdisciplinary work.


Please click here to find out more and register for the workshop series and here for the program FAQs.

Image Detail: Vicki Da Silva, “Chimney Corner 2,” 2010