Tips & FAQs for Doctor’s Hours

Tips & FAQs for Doctor’s Hours

NYFA Doctor’s Hours offers artists an opportunity for one-on-one consultations with a range of industry professionals in their creative field. 

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During the session, artists can receive practical and professional advice in person from one or more arts professionals. Networking may be the single most valuable thing you can do for your career. Rather than getting three minutes in a festival lobby or after a panel, Doctor’s Hours provides you up to 30 minutes to meet people in the industry and make them truly familiar with you and your artistic practice.  


How should I prepare for the event?

For the appointments we encourage you to think about what specific questions or goals you have in mind in order to take best advantage of their time. It seems like the appointments are most useful to people when they have an idea of the type of feedback or advice they are hoping to get. A pen and paper/notepad is useful to jot down notes during and after your session. This enables your consultant to provide you with more focused feedback.

Our Consultants

NYFA carefully chooses consultants that are not only experienced and established in their field, they are also invested in the Doctor’s Hours program and the artists that it serves. All of our consultants are individuals that truly enjoy helping artists succeed. We provide bios of each consultant, which gives you the opportunity to research research them and decide who would be appropriate for the advice and feedback you are seeking.

What should I bring to the event?

Based on the discipline or topic, bring documentation of your artwork, in printed or digital format, that you are looking to get a response on. *Note: Please do not bring original works of art

If working in multimedia or video, we recommend bringing your own fully-charged laptop and headphones (if needed). Consider the amount of information that you present to the consultant, as you have limited time available and you need to allow time for feedback. We recommend 10-15 images and short excerpts of multimedia work samples.


Why are the appointments only 20-30 minutes long? 

This enables NYFA to offer this important service to as many artists as possible. Our consultants feel that up to 30 minutes allows enough time to discuss and address the artist’s prepared topics and questions.

Can you give me the Consultant’s contact information?

We do not give out the consultant’s personal information. If you would like to follow-up with the consultant please reach out to us and we will contact the consultant for permission.

Are there any other professional development services in New York City?

Yes, there are! Here is a list of some of them:

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