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Educational Partnerships

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Using professional development as a platform, NYFA is working with partners all around the world to provide educational trainings for artists, curators and arts administrators through intensive workshops, and institutional partnerships. If you are seeking support for your constituents and would like to learn more about partnering with NYFA, please contact Judy Cai, Senior Program Officer, NYFA Learning at JCai@nyfa.org.


Since 2013, NYFA has been working with China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC) on multiple large-scale intense training programs in New York, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. Arts professionals from China have been introduced to the US art industry through in-person conversations, site visits and panel discussions.

Featured Projects

Visual arts curator training and residency program (2016)

NYFA led an intensive 2-month program for 20 Chinese curators for mutual learning between Chinese curators and prominent New York-based arts funders, galleries, and institutions starting in late October. Curators attended site visits and private panels followed by month-long educational residencies at ten arts organizations, concluding with two weeks of curatorial mentorship to prepare proposals for exhibitions to be shown in China. The program was funded by the China National Arts Fund (CNAF).

NYFA is also partnering with other partners in China, please check the PDF for more information. (in English and in Chinese).


In partnership with New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) State & Local Partnerships program, NYFA is bringing free professional development programs for arts communities in New York State conducted over a three year period. The program is an intensive, multi-day professional development opportunity for artists of all disciplines that delves into the fundamental principles of sustainability in the arts. Learn more about the Boot Camp Program here.


NYFA has received a 2-year grant from Ford Foundation to support the expansion of its Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program to Detroit, MI; Newark, NJ; Oakland, CA; and San Antonio, TX. Through partnerships with established arts, cultural, and immigrant focused organizations in each partner city, NYFA implements the program and tailors it to the needs of each individual community. Learn more about the Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program here.


Since 2012 NYFA has been providing one-day entrepreneurial training to students and alumni at Rhode Island School of Art and Design (RISD). The program focuses on key principles of sustainability with topics such as law, finance, strategic planning, marketing and networking. In collaboration with RISD’s Career Center the program shifts annually to serve the changing needs of the student population. Learn more about the Boot Camp Program here.

“We are thrilled to have NYFA provide the same kind of resources they offer in New York, right here at RISD.”
                                                        - Kevin Jankowski, Career Center Director at RISD


In 2018, NYFA partnered with IBM Design to host Inform: A Symposium on Cultural Entrepreneurship at the IBM Client Center in Manhattan. The symposium explored the critical intersection of arts and business, and featured talks, panels, and interactive sessions led by an esteemed lineup of art, business, academic, and government leaders. The day’s programming was shaped by significant input from the leadership of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). As part of the symposium, NYFA and IBM Design will publish a white paper on the relationship between artists and cultural creatives and business.


Since 2014, NYFA has been in partnership with Pratt Institute, Fine Arts Department, annually providing a work sample review for MFA students. The workshop provides a valuable insight into the selection process for not only NYFA Fellowships, but also any application process for opportunities, with feedback provided by invited arts professionals. Learn more about the Work Sample Review here.


Since April 2017, NYFA has been organizing Doctor’s Hours sessions, specifically to support Arts Students League of New York artist members with access to curators, gallerists, and arts administrators to provide career feedback and advice. Learn more about Doctor’s Hours here.

Image Credit: NYFA Presents How to Make it as a Fine Artist, 2018, Photo Kevin Jankowski

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