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Photograph of Executive Director Michael L. Royce

Michael L. Royce
Executive Director

Photograph of Executive Assistant Lauren Hilger

Lauren Hilger
Executive Assistant


Photograph of Senior Officer, Individual Giving and Special Events Barbara Toy

Barbara Toy 
Senior Officer
Individual Giving and Special Events 

Photograph of Program Officer, Institutional Giving Chris Messer

Chris Messer 
Program Officer
Institutional Giving 

Photograph of Special Events Intern Constanza Valenzuela

Constanza Valenzuela 
Special Events 

Photograph of Special Events Intern Chloe Knight

Chloe Knight 
Special Events 


Photograph of Director of NYFA Grants Mark Rossier

Mark Rossier
Director of NYFA Grants

Photograph of NYFA Grants Senior Program Officer Gabriella Calandro

Gabriella Calandro
Senior Program Officer
NYFA Grants

Photograph of Fiscal Sponsorship Senior Program Officer Madeleine Cutrona

Madeleine Cutrona
Senior Program Officer
Fiscal Sponsorship

Photograph of Fiscal Sponsorship Program Officer Madeline Scholl

Madeline Scholl
Program Officer
Fiscal Sponsorship

Photograph of NYFA Grants Program Associate Hannah Berry

Hannah Berry
Program Associate
NYFA Grants

Photograph of Program Assistant Priscilla Son

Priscilla Son
Program Assistant
Fiscal Sponsorship & Finance 

Photograph of Fiscal Sponsorship Media Specialist Matthew Seig

Matthew Seig
Media Specialist
Fiscal Sponsorship



Photograph of Director of NYFA Learning Felicity Hogan

Felicity Hogan
Director of NYFA Learning

Photograph of NYFA Learning Senior Program Officer Judy Cai

Judy Cai
Senior Program Officer
NYFA Learning

Photograph of NYFA Learning Program Officer Alicia Ehni

Alicia Ehni
Program Officer
NYFA Learning

Photograph of NYFA Learning Program Associate Zahra Banyamerian

Zahra Banyamerian
Program Associate 
NYFA Learning


Photograph of NYFA Learning Intern Jocelyn Jia

Jocelyn Jia 
The Cindy Smith Learning Intern
NYFA Learning 

Photograph of CUNY Cultural Corp Intern HaiLin Du

HaiLin Du 
CUNY Cultural Corp Intern
NYFA Learning 

Photograph of IAP Intern Natalia Jimenez

Natalia Jimenez 
IAP Intern
NYFA Learning 


Photograph of Director Maria Villafranca

Maria Villafranca
Director of Communications

Photograph of Communications Officer Amy Aronoff

Amy Aronoff
Senior Communications Officer

Photograph of Sales Manager Kristin Troccoli

Kristin Troccoli
Sales Manager

Photograph of Account Manager Molly Martin

Molly Martin
Account Manager
NYFA Classifieds

Photograph of Program Officer Mirielle Clifford

Mirielle Clifford
Program Officer
Online Resources

   Photograph of Marketing Associate Luiza Teixeira-Vesey

Luiza Teixeira-Vesey
Designer/Marketing Associate 



Photograph of Senior Manager Shawna Chase

Shawna Chase
Senior Manager


Photograph of Director of Finance Sebi Vitale

Sebi Vitale 
Director of Finance/Administration

Photograph of Finance Officer Theresa Marchetta

Theresa Marchetta 
Finance Officer

Photograph of Finance Officer Rusha Rahman

Rusha Rahman
Finance Officer

Photograph of Administrative Assistant Grace Kang

Grace Kang
Facilities Coordinator


Photograph of Consultant Peter Cobb

Peter Cobb
Senior Advisor
Arts Business Incubator

Photograph of Archivist Nicholas Long

Nicholas Long

Photograph of Archivist Kris Santos

Kris Santos

Photograph of NYFA Learning Consultant Ben Hartley

Ben Hartley
NYFA Learning