Serving artists and staffed by artists.

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer. We believe that having a diverse staff is critical to effectively fulfilling our mission and increasing that diversity is a key organizational priority; women, people of color, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to join our team. Our staff is comprised largely of working artists — from all disciplines — who are all dedicated to serving artists and arts organizations.

Interested in working at NYFA? Open roles will be listed on NYFA Classifieds as they come available.

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Executive Staff

Lisa Fagan

Executive Assistant

Fred Humphrey headshot

Fred Humphrey

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Royce

Chief Executive Officer


Nichole Almanzar headshot

Nichole Almanzar

Development Officer

Kim Andresen headshot.

Kim Andresen


Carolyn Lockhart Schoerner headshot.

Carolyn Lockhart Schoerner

Development Officer

NYFA Grants

Nichole Almanzar headshot

Sarah O’Connell

NYFA Grants

Kim Andresen headshot

Mollie Quinlan-Hayes

Program Coordinator
Rauschenberg Grants

Lindsay Smilow headshot

Eleysha Sajous

Senior Program Officer
NYFA Grants

Fiscal Sponsorship

Madeleine Cutrona

Fiscal Sponsorship

Image of Alicia Ehni

Alicia Ehni

Program Officer
Fiscal Sponsorship

Andrea Kleine Headshot

Andrea Kleine

Program Officer
Fiscal Sponsorship

Image of Matthew Seig

Matthew Seig

Media Specialist
Fiscal Sponsorship

NYFA Learning

Chelsea Goding-Doty headshot

Chelsea Goding-Doty

Senior Program Officer,
Leadership Initiatives

Felicity Hogan

NYFA Learning

Ju Hye Kim

Program Associate
NYFA Learning

Kelly Olshan

Program Officer
Career Advice and Training

Ya Yun Teng

Program Officer
Immigrant Artist Resource Center (NYC)


Amy Aronoff

Senior Communications Officer

Mary-kate Grohoski

Sales Manager
NYFA Classifieds

Image of Molly Martin

Melanie Martin

Director of Sales and Communications

Katerina Nicolaou

Account Manager
NYFA Classifieds

Finance & Administration

Headshot of Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey

Finance Associate/Office Coordinator

Rusha Rahman

Finance Officer

Image of Molly Martin

Tricia Sackor

Program Officer
Fiscal Sponsorship & Finance

Sebi Vitale

Director of Finance/Administration


Mohammad Usman

Director of Technology


Zahra Banyamerian

Curatorial Affairs

Peter Cobb

Senior Advisor
NYFA Learning

Barbie Kim Headshot

Barbie Kim

NYFA Learning

Gretchen Kraus

Freelance Designer

In Memoriam

Image of Ryan Hudak

Ryan Hudak